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7 Stand-Out Print Marketing Ideas for Businesses

If you operate one of the 30.2 million small businesses in the US, you’re likely always on the lookout for ways to grow your brand. Digital marketing is an awesome way to build your business from the ground up.

However, print marketing isn’t obsolete, either- both of these marketing types are critical for success. Here, we’re going to give you some of the best marketing ideas for businesses in 2022. Read on to ensure that your company is as successful as possible.

1. Print and Hang Posters

If you’ve ever been to a coffee shop or other small cafe, you likely have noticed that there are flyers hanging on the walls. These flyers can be for a wide variety of services including social media marketing, easy-to-use tax software, and water bottles that are easy to carry around.

No matter what goods or services you offer, creating and hanging one of these flyers is a great idea.

Make sure that you hang it in a location where your target audience is likely to see it. If you’re advertising a product for college students, a coffee house near a university campus is the best location.

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On the flip side, if you’re targeting high-income business people, place it on a wall at a venue where there may one day be a corporate dinner.

2. Use Direct Mail Marketing Services

Everyone loves the feeling of opening their mailbox and finding something that isn’t a bill. You can make people feel excited and appreciative simply by sending a personalized flyer to them in the mail.

As long as you use their name and multiple engaging colors and graphics, they’re unlikely to treat it as junk mail and throw it away.

This lets you get the word of your business out to the people that matter most. You can target those who have used your services before, like your pages on social media or have given you leads via your landing page. Mailing to these people’s home or work addresses is a great way to form connections with specific individuals that are likely to work with you.

3. Coupon for Clippers

Still, worried that your direct mail marketing campaign would be viewed as junk mail? Don’t worry- adding coupons to the pages that you send out is a surefire way to make your marketing campaign take off. 96% of people use coupons, so they’ll be unlikely to toss your flyer away assuming that the deal is in a prominent location on your printout.

These coupons don’t need to be more than you can afford- offer people 10% off on their first purchase or a free week-long trial of your services.

Once they see how awesome what you do is, the most important customers are likely to invest. In this way, coupons work wonders for boosting your ROI.

4. Use Graphics and Images

Did you know that the average person processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text? In addition to this, people prefer image-based content to written posts. Tweets with pictures attached, for example, are 94% more likely to be shared than those that don’t have an image or video attachment.

While print marketing obviously eliminates the possibility of video use, engaging infographics can help you convey data better than walls of text can. You can use short sentences to label the images, graphs, and charts that showcase both your product and why you need it. This gets your potential clients more likely to pay attention and actually read your flyer.

5. Find the Right Colors

If you’re new to print marketing, you may be considering using black-and-white flyers to be more economical.

This is extremely problematic since other brands are using color printing and the human eye is drawn to bright hues. Okay, then, you might be thinking, should you just use your brand colors?

You can do this sometimes, but it’s also a good idea to switch it up a bit. Use color psychology to get people energized about your product.

Yellow gets people in a cheerful and happy mood that they’ll relate to your business. Orange is a great color to incite social feelings, so you may get more people contacting you when you use it.

6. Create a Swag Bag

To make your print marketing campaign more successful, you can also include a swag bag when you send flyers to your VIP clients. While not everyone can get promotional products when money is a concern, it’s important that you send them out to customers who a) have a lot of potential investment, and b) just need that small extra nudge to work with you.

Include custom-printed materials like phone cases, pens, t-shirts, hats, pencil holders, notebooks, and more. People will be unlikely to throw these away since they’re useful. Every time they pick up their notebook or comfy t-shirt, they’ll think of your brand and how they should invest in it.

7. Bring in the Pros

While the bulk of your print marketing campaign can be done in-house, it may be good to call professional printers sometimes. If you have a large ongoing campaign, you may want to use an industrial printer company to get flyers or pamphlets made in bulk.

Professional printers also have high-quality resources that you may not have. They can laser-print on promotional materials like t-shirts, tote bags, notebooks, and more. If you’re trying to send out one of the swag bags that we talked about earlier, expert printers are critical to the success of your marketing strategies.

More Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Now that you have some of the best print marketing ideas for businesses, it’s time to begin executing an ad campaign that will draw in customers.

Browse the ‘startup ideas’ tab on our home page for more ideas on how to build your new business. Here, you’ll find tips on how you can boost your visibility and memorability, so what are your waiting for? Take a look!


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