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11 Pro-Tips to Win at Carrom – Guaranteed

Carrom is one of the oldest and most popular games among Asians. The game can be played by people of all age groups and during a picnic or for an exciting match at night. It is a fun indoor game that can be played by four people together.

One can never get bored of playing Carrom for more extended periods. The only bad thing about the game is that you might hurt your fingers if you are too excited to defeat your opponents.

Carrom is a board game that doesn’t depend on luck; rather, it entirely depends on your skills. The angle at which you strike the striker or your ability to pocket the majority of the pieces and the queen piece makes you eligible to win the game.

Nowadays, people can even download carrom game on their phone or PC or even play Carrom online with their friends or people they met online. Here are eleven pro tips to guarantee your winning at Carrom.

The Right Attitude

While playing Carrom, there are no rigid rules, which makes the game so fun and interesting. However, while playing a game, one should be competitive and have the right attitude to win the game.

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Your focus should be to learn some important lessons and win the game. While playing Carrom, you should not deter from your objective and strategize your moves to give your best shot. Moreover, ensure that you are aware of all the game rules before starting.

Side Shot

Ranks as one of the trickiest shots while playing Carrom;  you can use the side shot to pocket the pieces while playing Carrom. The Side shot is a simple and helpful trick that consists of striking the striker to push the pieces in some other direction making it difficult for your opponent to win.

Moreover, you can even use this shot to pocket any piece you desire; however, you can use it to ensure that your opponent doesn’t get a chance to pocket many pieces.

Cut & Take Shot

Carrom is one of the popular games, and learning the right techniques is equally important. The Cut & take is another typical move when you want to cut and pocket one of your pieces. This is an advantageous move as it easily lets you take your next shot and pocket a piece.

Cut Shot

You can play the cut shot when all the board pieces are arranged in the center, and you hit the striker to spread all the pieces to different directions and pocket a few pieces. Then, you set your finger on the striker and flick it with your fingers to score.

You can either take a cut shot from the right or the left so that you can pocket some pieces.

Double Shot

A pro-shot and the most common move for every Carrom player occurs when a piece is in the center of the board or near the center of the board. One can’t play this move if the piece is at the corner of the board because if the striker hits the piece, it will collide and return to your resulting in a futile move.

Use Your Thumb

The Thumb hot move can be a twisted affair; however, this is one of the most effective moves. This technique is used to flick the striker with much force.

Form a circle with your thumb and index finger to play this move, flick your thumb finger towards the striker, watch the striker swoosh around the board, and pocket some pieces.

Alley Oop

Everything seems better when you are playing together with someone. Carrom is another board game that allows you to play in doubles, and Alley Oop is the best move you can use while playing with your friend.

The objective is to slide your pieces in a way so that your partner gets to pocket them and you both can score. You often encounter a situation when it will be advantageous for your partner if a specific piece is on their side.

So, Alley Oop will come in handy for you in these times so that your partner can take the shot and pocket the piece.

Middle Shot

This move can be tricky if you try this for the first time. When all the pieces are placed in the center of the board, one has to hit two carrom pieces concurrently by flicking the striker to the space between the two pieces.

Nevertheless, this is an advantageous move as it will easily pocket two different pieces in two opposite directions.

Board Shot

The Board Shot is a tricky move for most pro Carrom players too. This move needs a lot of focus, skill, and expertise to use it at its utmost advantage. In this move, one flicks the striker to hit three different directions on the board and pockets most of the carrom pieces.

Black Shot

As per the rules of Carrom, if a piece is at the side from where you flick the striker, you can; hit the striker back to pocket the piece. However, the black shot allows you to hit the striker with maximum force in the extreme opposite direction so that it comes back and pushes the piece to the pocket, and you can score.

Flick the Striker Wisely

There are several ways to flicker a striker so that you can pocket maximum pieces and win the game. It depends on your style and way. With practice, you can master the most amazing techniques and use the best one that suits you.

To master the art of flicking the striker accurately, keep your hand steady on the board, or the edge of your palm should be steady to ensure that the striker is not pushed in some other direction.


These are valuable tricks that every pro and beginner player can use to chisel their gaming skills. This is an exciting game, and you can use some remarkable techniques to win the game.


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