Product Development is Behind Schedules; How to Manage on-time Launch?

Every year we witness hundreds and thousands of products launches highlighting new innovations and services for the customers across various industries.

Unfortunately, some of them are failed outright or at their launch stage, primarily because they were unable to meet the success criterion.

Managing on time launch is quite difficult if the product development is behind schedule as it’s not only your money which is at stake but also your brand value.


Below are two easy ways to manage the situation when your product development seems to be taking too long to be available for on-time launch.

1- Control

When you know that the product development is behind schedule and will not be able to achieve 100% of the result, its best to exercise control over the product. Avoid tweaking the product in the name of “small changes” as alternatives as it may impact the entire product negatively.


2- Keep “Further Improvement” Window Open

During launch, one of the easiest ways to get over with an incomplete product is to announce that we are further or constantly upgrading the product to provide best results to the end user. It not only will give you enough lead time to develop the product the way you want to but also will show your concerned side towards the customers. That’s how you see Beta versions of many top products.


Do not panic if your product development is behind schedules, just be smart in internal and external communications!

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