Profitable Small Business Ideas for Housewives
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Get Rolling with These 81 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Housewives

Did I hear someone say that there are not enough business opportunities for housewives? How atrocious!

Any of the home moms, who feel like they aren’t talented enough to do something for themselves – it’s about time you stop believing that.

81 Business Opportunities for Housewives

Here are some small-scale yet handsomely rewarding business ideas for you!

Affiliate Marketing 

We’re beginning with one of the best business opportunities for housewives, and that’s affiliate marketing! 

If you think you have some good marketing and sales skills – affiliate marketing is definitely the one for you. Promote any product on your blog/website or social media, and if someone buys that product – some of the cash goes right into your pockets, as a commission.

The commission varies depending upon the type of the product. Some products can give you as much as 50% commission. 

Answering Service Jobs

Many firms require answering services to handle their clients on the phone. Housewives who want to earn and think they are good with negotiations and handling people can apply for such jobs. 


Do you have a sweet tooth and absolutely love baking? Baking cakes is a great way of earning money<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> and satisfying your cravings as well. 

You can show off your cooking skills and sell your talent! I assure you, opening up a neighborhood bakery will keep the customers coming and the cash flowing. 

Beauty Parlor

Beauty parlors rarely ever run out of business. You always have someone wanting a haircut, mani-pedi, or facial. If you’re good with makeup or have some secrets to glowing skin – opening up a beauty parlor would be a great idea. 

Become a Yoga Trainer

If you’re a yoga champ, becoming a yoga trainer can help you earn extra income. 

You can make videos, post them online and help people pursue health from the comfort of their homes. Or, create a website or a social media page to offer additional services such as; designing yoga plans for people who don’t have the time to do so. 


Did you know blogging can help you earn around $2k – $15 k every month? No wonder why everyone is an aspiring blogger these days. 

However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. 

A compelling way of storytelling, devising a creative marketing approach, and authentic content – are the basics you need to kick-start your blogging career! 

Book Review Blog 

Owning a book review blog can come naturally to someone who is an avid reader. 

Once you’ve finished a book, you can write about the plot, summarize the book, and share your thoughts. Your blog can also help readers unite on an online platform and discuss their take on the book. 


Most housewives are blessed with finance-managing capabilities. If you have such exceptional capabilities and accounting is your thing, – starting a virtual bookkeeping business could be an excellent idea. 

Business Coaching Service

Want to get back on track with the help of prior administrative experience? If yes, then starting a business coaching service might help you do that! 

With your experience and techniques you can aid any business owner<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> to boost their sales. Provide them with professional insight, and accelerate their business’s growth. Sounds cool, no? 

Cake Designing

So, let’s say you don’t like baking – it’s okay. How about cake designing? 

Allow your creativity to flow in the form of fondant and icing. Play with the cake tins or use paintbrushes like artists to design attractive cakes. And if you’re really good at the job – people will be rolling into your shop like rolling pins. 

Candle Making Business 

Candle making is simple, efficient, and super fun! 

You’d be surprised to know how popular candles are these days. Especially scented candles, as they are used for aromatherapy. If you’re good with designing and creativity – give your candle business from home<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> a try! 

Captcha Entry Jobs 

If you don’t have a specific skill set and still want to earn online, captcha entry jobs are ideal for you! Entering data isn’t a challenging task and can be taken up by housewives with no prior experience.

You can find these jobs on many FB groups. Other than that, you simply do a Google search and start applying.  

Career Guidance 

Career guidance is a good work-from-home opportunity that pays out really well.   

Becoming a career counselor means so much more than just knowing the ups and downs of a given career. You should be updated with the latest employment opportunities and direct your client in a proper direction.

If that’s you, you can start off from various freelancing platforms.

Catering Service 

Remember how Monica from FRIENDS decided to open a business catering? Yes, she should have continued doing that because it’s a great business idea! 

If you cook well, the catering service can turn out to be a good business opportunity for you. 

Clothing Alterations and Tailoring 

Tailoring can be a great source of income for housewives who know how to stitch clothes. If you aren’t skilled enough and only know the basics, beginning with clothing alterations is not a bad idea either. 

Coaching Institute 

Not everyone is excellent at teaching, but if you’re, don’t let this talent of yours go to waste. 

Opening up a coaching institute is hands down an amazing way for you to earn and enlighten others with your knowledge.

How could you start? Well, social media is the best way to promote your coaching business. 

Consignment Store

Love the idea of a thrift shop? Well, owning a consignment store is quite similar to it. You can sell secondhand items, interact with people and make some cash as well. 

Cooking Class Instructor

Most home moms<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> and housewives claim to cook well. 

However, if you can impress Gordon Ramsay with your culinary skills, start a home-based cooking class business today! You can either teach online or, if accommodation is not a problem, you can arrange these cooking classes at your own place. 

Corporate Gifts

Every company has its own merchandise – like; pens, folders, notepads, etc. You can ask for an annual contract and manufacture corporate gifts as a side business. 

Counseling For College Preparation

Let’s say that you struggled to get the authentic resources, practice questions, or past papers before sitting for a college’s entrance test. If you don’t want others to go through something similar, starting an online counseling session for college preparation can help you achieve that. 

And earn some dollar bills.

Dance Instructor

So, do you think you can dance? 

It’s not just the TV show; I am really asking you. 

If you have taken a dance course, and have an unparalleled passion for dancing, then voila! You just got one of the best business ideas – becoming a dance instructor. 

Daycare Service

Do you have a soft spot for babies? I am going to take that as a yes. 

Starting a daycare service could be your best bet then. If you think you can handle babies and keep up with their constant mood swings – don’t let this golden idea go to waste! 

Domain Flipping 

Another business idea for housewives can be domain flipping. All you have to do is buy a domain name and then sell it to an interested party. 


Starting a dropshipping business is another option. You’ll be in charge of relaying a product from the supplier to the customer. 

Earn Money Selling Used Books

So, let’s say that you don’t want to throw away old books. Among various start-up options, earning money by selling used books is the easiest. 

Gather books that are in good condition and that you think are just occupying space – pack them, deliver them, and be your own boss lady. 

eBook Writing 

Allow the writer in you to take control and start writing an eBook. If you can think like an author and make people swoon with your words – eBook writing is your forte! 

E-commerce Reselling 

It’s as simple as it sounds. 

Another small business idea can be e-commerce reselling. All you have to do is, purchase various products and then sell them at a considerably cheaper price. However, you need to have a proper setup for that. It could be a website or a social media space. 

English Teacher 

Becoming an English Teacher can either be a full-time job or work from home<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> opportunity. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic chance for housewives who have masters in English and want to utilize their degree for a noble cause.

Of course – all this while earning a few extra bucks. 

Errand Services 

Want to earn but don’t know what to do? You can always resort to errand services. 

You’ll be doing something like; getting groceries, taking someone’s car to the mechanic, or their pet for a walk. It’s running errands, for someone else, and getting paid. Sweet deal, right? 


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the scope for e-teaching has skyrocketed. If you’re good at a subject or familiar with a course – you can give online lectures and earn some cash from the comfort of your home. 

Event Photography 

Pursuing event photography can be one of the perfect business opportunities for housewives! To all those women who have strong frame games and love capturing moments – this is their gig! Start your event photography business today! 

Event Planning

Are you good at planning things out? Do you enjoy being the boss and can handle the pressure? If that’s the case, then event planning is the one for you! You can take advantage of your skillset, put it to good use, and work from home! What’s better than this? 

Extracurricular Activities for Kids 

If you like kids and understand their psyche on another level, opening up a business that focuses on designing extracurricular activities for kids can be very fulfilling. You can boost their creativity and help untapping their hidden talents as well. 

Fashion Designing 

To all the fashionista ladies who can tell twills from chinos – fashion designing is the route you should take. Your keen eye, elevated fashion style, and the ability to choose great color combos can surely help you get to the top. 

Flea Market Vendor

We all have some unwanted stuff lying around in our homes. As a flea market vendor, you can sell all these unwanted items at reasonable rates and make money out of them. How cool is that? 


Well, who doesn’t like flowers? 

But women with unconditional love for flowers should definitely open up a flower shop! Not only will you be surrounded with flowers all the time, and the heavenly fragrance, but you’ll be earning some extra cash too. 

Freelance Writing

Are you a housewife with a knack for writing? Think you can use valuable words and your distinctive writing style to dazzle the readers? 

Well, if that’s the case, then freelance writing can turn out to be one of the greatest business opportunities for housewives! 


One of the most rapidly evolving and in-demand careers are freelancing. Because what’s better than taking up projects that you can easily do? Also, the flexible hours and work-from-home options make it incredibly ideal for house moms and housewives. 


To all the housewives who love gardening and claim it to be their passion – this is your time to shine! 

Either run a blog or reach out to families who are looking for a capable gardener. Do what you have to, to earn cash from something you love so dearly. 

Gift Baskets

Don’t be surprised to see this in this list because this field has some great potential. Gift baskets can be plain or loaded with creativity. If you’re good with your hands and crafting things comes easily to you – making gift baskets is what you should be doing! 

Handmade Craft Business

Are arts and crafts your thing? Are you good at origami, or making bookmarks? If you are, then you indeed have a bright future in the handmade craft business. It’s one of the perfect business opportunities for housewives who want to work from the comfort of their homes. 

Home Clothing Boutique

Another great idea for all the housewives is to run their own home clothing boutique! If you have the fashion sense and can stitch some great designs – a home clothing boutique would turn out to be a perfect business opportunity, that’s for sure. 

Homemade Chocolates 

Suppose you are a chocolate-lover and have come up with delectable recipes for making heavenly chocolate. What’s stopping you from selling and earning from it? Everyone loves chocolate, and they make the ideal gift for every occasion too! 

Image Consultants

You can opt for image consultancy if you have the skillset to improve someone’s image. Whether it is honing their communication skills or personal appearances – your job will be to bring out the best in your client, like the fairy godmother from Cinderella.  

Interior Designing 

Interior designing can prove to be one of the most fitting business opportunities for housewives who like shifting around and upgrading their home’s furniture every now and then. 

It’s surprising how you can earn $50-$150 every hour as an interior designer. Start by decorating your home, taking pictures, and uploading them online. Ask your friends and family to check it out and seek out your services. 

Jams, pickles & sauces

A not-so-popular but important food business that revolves around jams, pickles, and sauces. Suppose you don’t have time to teach cooking or prepare full dishes but L-O-V-E cooking. In that case, this small business can be a fitting opportunity for you to put your culinary skills to use. 

Jewelry Business

You can either make your jewelry, which is an outstandingly creative idea. Or sell exotic jewelry items you find in the bazaars while keeping a profit margin for yourself. It’s all on you! 

Language Instructor

Knowing more than one language is indeed charming. And it can get way more charming once you start earning from it. If you know multiple languages, becoming a language instructor is a really cool way to earn from your home. 

Laundry Service 

If you love cleaning clothes and keeping them as good as new – trying out your luck in the laundry is not a bad idea. There’s no need to learn anything new or begin from scratch. Moreover, the real upside to this business is earning around $450-$500 per week! 

Local travel guide

One of the leading business opportunities for housewives is becoming a local travel guide. If you have thoroughly explored your town, are good with directions, and like to tell stories – this one’s for you! 

Maid Organizer 

Being a people person with a lot of contacts doesn’t go in vain. And if your connections are deep-rooted amongst the maid community – well, you’re about to earn some good cash real fast. 

With the help of your contacts, you can arrange maids for anyone who needs them. It’s not that tough of a job either. Note the client’s requirements, search for an appropriate candidate, and relay them back to the client. 

Match Making

Are you best friends with cupid? If you are and know how to play your cards – match-making will turn out to be an entertaining business opportunity for you. It can get tricky, and both the parties involved might blame you for the outcome, but that’s okay – you can easily blame the cupid for this.   

Online Course Creator

Housewives, who have taken a particular course, can think of starting a course creator business. You simply have to organize it in steps and make it comprehendible. Then, sell the course online to those who are looking to gain expertise in that particular area. 

Online Dance Club

If you know your moves, opening up a dance club can prove to be a great business idea. You only need a good camera, internet connection, and raw yet mind-blowing dancing talent to generate a generous amount of cash. 

Online Photo Selling

If you love taking aesthetic pictures, why not sell them for good cash? Among many small business ideas for women, online photo-selling is an excellent opportunity to start a business from home. 

Online Survey 

Online survey jobs literally help you earn money by just sharing your thoughts and opinions. Which housewife wouldn’t love that? 

You’ll be sent surveys about products or services from any company, simply fill that out, and earn some dollar bills. 

Organizing School Trips

If event planning is a bit hectic for you as a housewife, organizing school trips is another option. As house moms, you’d know which place is suitable for kids and if they will enjoy it there or not. Put your knowledge to great use and make money this way! 

Packing Services 

Are you the one packing everyone’s birthday presents? Well then, why not put it to use and start your own packing services? Think about it and begin as soon as you can! 

Paid To Click Jobs 

What if we told you that making money was as easy as clicking on your phone’s screen? It’s a dream come true! 

All you have to do is sign up at one of these PTC websites and click on the ads. The more ads you click and view – the better you get paid. 

Pet care 

Too busy to have a pet of your own but absolutely love pets? Well, in that case, a pet care business sounds good! If you’re good with pets and like to take care of them, starting a pet care business might turn out to be an incredibly profitable opportunity for you. 

Portrait Photographer 

If you’re a great photographer; pursuing portrait photography can prove a good decision, business-wise. You can set up your home as a studio, have the essential equipment, and create portraits for your clients at a relatively lower price. 

Proofreading and Editing

Are you quick at pointing out grammatical errors? Do you think you have the ability to make any text read better? If you do, then offering your proofreading and editing services can financially support you. 

Resume Services

Many young adults face difficulties in writing their resumes. You can avail this opportunity to help them out and generate some extra cash. 

Selling Home-Baked Goods

You don’t have to open up a bakery just to sell home-baked goods. Create a page on any of the social media platforms, and sell home-baked goods without any hassle. 

Selling Handmade Products 

Handicraft is a rare talent. Don’t let that level of creativity go to waste, even if you’re a housewife caught up in household chores. If you have never-ending, marvelous ideas for handmade products, it’s about time you start selling your talent! 

SEO Consultant

SEO is the real deal these days. All companies, websites, or blog owners are trying to rank their startups on top. Housewives who have expertise in SEO consulting can use their skill set and pursue such projects to earn money. 

Skincare and Beauty Spa

Are you a skincare enthusiast? Considering this business is definitely a fantastic option for all the housewives out there, who are skincare or beauty gurus. 

You can either start a blog about it or get in touch with various platforms as a consultant. Moreover, if there’s space, opening up a beauty spa is also a good idea.   

Soap Making

If you’re tired of the adequately-scented, quickly-running out soaps – then stop purchasing and start making! You can easily find soap-making online and can unleash your creativity to develop soaps with good fragrances. 

Include different essential oils, and personalize the soap according to your client’s wishes to ensure a successful business!   

Social Media Consulting

Social media handles are essential whether it’s an online company or has stores spread across the country. Therefore, there’s always a need for a social media consultant who has a knack for handling people, promoting products, and keeping the content updated. 

Start a Food Blog 

Apart from taste, if you enjoy the ingredients and the entire process that goes into preparing delicious dishes – food blogging is the thing for you! 

Indeed, life will be food (please read: good). 

Start a Photography Blog

If, for some reason, you’re unable to pursue photography professionally, – fret not, because I got you covered. One of the ideal business opportunities for housewives who understand photography is to start a photography blog. 

You can share all the tricks you’ve learned, interact with your audience, and even give them online sessions. 

Launch an Online Music School

Can you sing like Miley Cyrus? Or write lyrics similar to BTS? If yes, then you should consider starting an online music school – stat. 

It’s one of the ideal business opportunities for housewives who are passionate about music and want to turn it into a full-blown business. 

Start a YouTube Channel 

Ah, YouTube is undoubtedly at its prime these days. 

So, what’s stopping you from making the most of this? If you have a charming personality, unique content, and some extraordinary video editing skills – start your YouTube channel today! 

Teaching Instrumental Music

Can you play any instruments? If yes, you can give lessons to those who are willing to learn how to play instruments. You wouldn’t have to leave your home for this – thank you, internet connection. 

T-Shirt Printing Business

Among many business opportunities for housewives, t-shirt printing is a good money-making business. You can design effortless, less time-consuming prints and have them stuck on cotton t-shirts. Don’t compromise on quality (print and t-shirts), and you’re good to go. 


Tutoring is indeed one of the incredible business ideas for women. It’s ideal for those who make a good teacher but don’t have time to pursue it as a full-time job. Moreover, tutoring can allow you to generate a really generous income as well. 

Urban Landscaper

Urban landscaping is popular among the high-class elite who love having indoor plantations and decorations. So, if you enjoy gardening and being fancy – I assure you, you’re going to make an amazing urban landscaper. 

Virtual Accountant

If you have ever worked as an accountant before; what’s stopping you from working again? If you can’t go to an office just because you’re a housewife – don’t worry. Becoming a virtual accountant is the solution to all your problems. 

Virtual Assistant

Due to two reasons, virtual assistance<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> is a sweet deal for housewives. Firstly, you don’t have to organize everything – you’ll probably be following a limited set of orders. And secondly, it offers work-from-home opportunities. 

Web Designer 

Do you think you can do a great job when it comes to designing a website? As a house mom, opting for web designing can turn out to be a great opportunity. 

Unleash your creativity, exhibit those graphic designing skills and start a home-based web designing business today! 

Wedding Planner

If you planned your wedding from scratch, flowers to food, and managed to pull off a great event – then wedding planning is the job for you. Start your wedding planning business and impress everyone with your creativity and passion for throwing dazzling weddings.

Top Reasons Why Women Should Work

Financial Stability

Financial stability is one of the most crucial indicators of life of respect and happiness in today’s society. Furthermore, when you’re earning, you also have the leeway to implement your own choices. As a result, you are not reliant on others for money or goods.

Consequently, you are also adding to the advancement of civilization.


Learning is a never-ending process. Therefore, employment allows us to broaden our views and learn more about our surroundings and people. Most adults think their jobs are just a draining means of acquiring cash. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, it is an opportunity.

Thus, leaving you home every day to go out and deal with different people and solve problems helps you learn. Also, it develops extraordinary skills in women which also helps them in their homes.

Since we are interested and thirsty for information as humans, we discover new things each day through working.

Personal Identity and Image

Being a housewife has its comforts and perks. However, that isn’t always enough. There are many women out there who want to be more than just someone’s mother or sister. 

Now, we are not disregarding the respect and commitment that comes with these titles. However, women can be many other things as well. They can be directors and supervisors.

Moreover, each of these duties brings its own bout of confidence in a woman. Consequently, when women hold a position of influence, their personal image improves.


We can’t deny the paradigm shift that comes in an individual’s personality when they start working. A significant reason for this is exposure and dealing with people from various fields of life.

Moreover, your self-sufficiency gives that extra kick of personality. Hence, there is no dulling down your girl boss flare after that.


Even though you are weary and drained, a component of you would still be joyful while you work. This is because it will make you feel important since you are a valuable member of society. 

Additionally, you don’t have to rely on anybody for money when you become older. Plus, you get your own circle of friends, and as a result, you will be happy in your life.

Furthermore, you will be able to move into society with a title to your name and credit in your account.

Hence, even if you do feel low you can go on a shopping spree to make yourself feel better. Next, guilt-free shopping is an experience you will never regret. Thus, you can buy that extra pair of shoes with your own money which you couldn’t with a sponsor’s money.


You have control over not only your earnings but also your personal life when you work. Accordingly, you don’t have to rely on anyone; you have a lot of power over what occurs in your life.


Women are naturally powerful and independent, but we have faced oppression for decades. However, recently, women are slowly creeping out and seizing over the globe. Unfortunately, though, the number is still small. Hence, for this to shift, women must work in a variety of sectors in order to adequately reflect the female population.


Okay, so this is probably the most comprehensive list of small business ideas for housewives you will find on the Internet. I am sure there is at least one idea that will work for you. All you need is a little planning, effort, and consistency!

*Sighs* – I need to catch my breath. Meanwhile, you can tell us which one is your favorite or if you have something to add to the list in the comments below.

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