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The Top 12 Promotional Gifts to Give Out at Trade Shows

When you’re a true professional, the idea of a huge trade show is enough to get you extremely excited. If your business has a booth at the trade show, you need to do everything in your power to get people to visit your booth, and learn about your company’s fantastic services and products.

By giving out free promotional items and merchandise, you’ll have a much easier time getting attendees to swarm your booth. To ensure you can make your booth the talk of the convention, here are twelve promotional gifts you should be giving out at trade shows:

1. Stress Balls

Even during an exciting trade show, it’s easy to get stressed. Give attendees a solid stress ball with your logo on it, and they’ll start associating your company with the sweet feeling of much-needed stress relief. Once they use the stress ball at work, they’ll appreciate your brand even more.

2. Notepads

It’s easy to get confused and disorganized in the chaos of a trade show. If you brand notebooks and give them out to attendees, they’ll think of your brand every time that they go down to write down an idea, or a to-do item.

3. Polo Shirts

Free clothing is always a hit when it comes to promotional merchandise. If you want to truly impress trade show goers, you should be giving them a polo (branded with your company’s logo, of course). With any luck, you’ll make them into walking billboards that will make your company the talk of the show.

4. Wristbands

Nothing is worse than sweaty wrists when you’re shaking a lot of hands, and writing down your contact information for potential business partners. Provide trade show goers with a solid, comfortable wristband and they’ll associate your company with helping them beat the sweat.

5. Lanyards

Lanyards are one of the most common sights at trade shows. If you want to add some flair to a lanyard, deck it out with an extra feature, and your brand, to make your freebie lanyards the choice of show attendees.

6. Koozies

After the trade show’s over, a lot of attendees will be clamoring for a cold drink at home (or at a party). Giving out koozies during the trade show will make your booth’s visitors that much more excited for their post-show drinks, making it more likely that they’ll use your koozie and spread the word about your wonderful business.

7. T-Shirts

Few promotional items are as classic and well-loved as a free t-shirt. Decking out your employees and business partners in these shirts before the trade show starts will make others take notice much faster. If you can pull off a stylish promo shirt, people will be running to your booth to get their hands on one.

8. Pens

Another staple item of any trade show, promotional pens are simple, efficient, and useful. The better the pen you invest in, the more often the person you’re gifting them to will use them (and make your brand more well-known around their place of work as a result).

9. USBs

Getting files to your boss before a big meeting can be stressful if you’re relying on email to send over a larger file. With a quality USB, you can get the job done quickly and straightforwardly. Brand some affordable USBs, and you’ll have people swarming your booth in no time.

10. Candy

Few people on this planet fail to appreciate free candy. To make the candy show-appropriate, buy some bulk mini-bags with your logo emblazoned across the top. Go with chocolate or another candy option that most people love, and you’ll be the talk of the convention.

11. Bottle Openers

If you’re giving out koozies at your booth, consider pairing them with some fun, branded bottle openers. After all, if you’re providing attendees with all of their party tools for the evening, they’ll be sure to remember how much you helped them out later on.

12. Water Bottles

Staying hydrated at a trade show is critical if you want the outing to be a success. When people see someone carrying around a water bottle with your logo on it, they’ll be sure to ask what booth they can get one at. Keep the trade show happy and healthy with this nifty promotional gift.

Promote, Promote, Promote

When your company is featured in a trade show, you must promote, promote, promote. Every moment where you’re not mingling, networking, promoting, or getting your brand image out there is a moment wasted. Thankfully, if you’re giving out quality promotional merchandise to trade show attendees, you’ll have no problem meeting your convention goals.

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