Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products

Did you know that consumers keep promotional products for over a year on average?

Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products

Even in the age of digital advertising, promotional items still impact consumers and can be a valuable tool in increasing customer loyalty.

Today, we’re diving into the most effective ways to use promo products as part of your marketing strategy.

How to Use Promotional Products to Increase Brand Awareness

If you choose the right promotional items to give away to customers, they will use them in their daily lives, where others will take notice. The vital aspect of this strategy is to ensure the promo items you offer customers are useful and functional.

For example, if you’re trying to advertise your gym, you may choose to offer water bottles or towels as your promo products of choice. As your customer uses their water bottle at work or home, people will inevitably ask them where they got it.

Using Promotional Products in Marketing to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Going hand in hand with promoting your brand, promotional items can incentivize customer loyalty. Consumers love receiving free items with a purchase or membership renewal.

By offering a gift with a purchase or membership renewal, you’re encouraging your customer to continue to do business with you. The brands that show their customers the most appreciation are the ones that stick in their minds.

Promotional Items as Employee Rewards

Promo products can be an excellent way to express your thanks to an employee who has gone above and beyond. However, be cautious when using this approach as generic company swag could do more harm than good.

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The key to using promotional items as employee rewards is to choose items your employees will appreciate, such as coffee mugs, wireless chargers, fitness gear, or eco-friendly products. Get to know your employees’ preferences so that your promo products will be on point.

Use Various Promo Products

With print-on-demand services widely available today, you have a plethora of options when it comes to promotional items. Some examples include pens, stationary, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even drink koozies like the ones offered by CoolieNation.

Because the options are practically endless, you have the flexibility to offer different promo products to vendors, employees, and clients. Embrace the variety and switch it up!

Benefits of Promotional Products at Events

When your company attends an event to reach out to new clients, having promotional items on hand can be a huge benefit. Sending potential clients home with a promo product will keep your brand fresh in their minds every time they see it.

Promotional items used for events do not have to be expensive by any means. Your item of choice could be as simple as a pen or an item that’s more reflective of your business, such as water bottles for gyms.

Will You Add Promotional Items to Your Marketing Arsenal?

Promotional products can provide an enormous boost to your marketing game, winning you the loyalty of your customers and employees. What sort of promo products will you add to your arsenal?

If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your marketing strategy, check out the rest of our blog!


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