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How to Protect Your Business Against Cybercrime

With cyberattacks on the increase and working from home potentially becoming the new normal, business owners are rightly worried about attacks on their data.

Many employees work from home with fewer security protections in place than in an office environment and can open themselves up to being a target.

Plus, with more and more tasks being carried out online than ever before, there’s always a chance that data can be compromised.

What Is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime (or online crime) is a crime that takes place digitally. There are two categories these offenses fall into:

Cyber-Dependent Crimes 

These are committed via an online device, with a digital system being the target as well as the means. An example would be hacking into a network or spreading computer viruses.

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Cyber-Enabled Crimes 

These are traditional crimes that use digital technology so they can be carried out on a larger scale. For example, sharing indecent images or bank account fraud.

Remote-Working Risks

Working from home poses even greater challenges when it comes to computer security.

A secure office system uses firewalls and protected IP addresses, whereas working remotely seldom gives us these defenses.

Every digital application is open for abuse, including emails, instant chat messages, desktop folders, and files saved to a cloud system.

Employees are also at risk of bad security habits, particularly if they’re off the radar from their IT department.

The use of personal mobile devices to access files and emails related to work also adds another element of vulnerability.

Getting Yourself Protected

Every workplace should restrict access to important and sensitive data. This reduces the chances of it being compromised in a cyberattack.

All data should be backed up and it’s worth investing in high-security encryption to safeguard digital information in the workplace.

Staying Protected

An important factor in keeping businesses safe from cyberattacks is ensuring staff is properly trained in IT security procedures and the importance of computer updates.

Cyber insurance cover is a good idea for modern businesses, especially those that are reliant on digital systems or have employees working remotely.

Other important actions to protect your devices against cybercrime include using two-factor authentication, using a virtual private network (VPN), and deleting information that’s no longer needed.


By taking the steps above and ensuring all employees are updated regularly, you can help combat the threat of cyberattacks and avoid falling victim to one.


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