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How to Easily Protect Both Your Driver and Your Profit

Before hiring just any driver, you’ll want to ensure that they have the experience to back them up. Additionally, some qualification documents such as an updated driving license can greatly help to prove their qualifications.

This is the only way that you will be at ease knowing that your cargo is safe. Most drivers get so aggressive on the road, sometimes causing accidents. Others just don’t care whether their careless driving can hurt other motorists or damage the cargo.

How to Easily Protect Both Your Driver and Your Profit

So, before hiring a driver make sure to test them on their driving skills. If you have more fleets on the highway, you should consider allocating a driver to their specific routes, to protect your cargo from an organized heist.

Here are some of the ways you can easily protect both your driver and your profit.

Invest in Modern GPS Trackers

Fixing up a GPS tracker on your fleet of vehicles can greatly help you to know where they are at any given time of day. This is just in case your driver decides to take a detour. Oftentimes, technology has proven to be useful in case of hijacking or theft.

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GPS trackers can help with investigations when it comes to retrieving stolen cargo. To add to this, a fleet dash camera can help when monitoring driver behaviors on the highways and in helping choose the safest routes.

Fleet dash cams come in various forms and with different features. You’ll need to talk with the right installation company to know what suits your fleet best.

Invest in the Best Locks for Your Trucks

Knowing that your cargo is well protected and with the best locks can make you feel at ease. Having the best cargo locking mechanism will help protect your goods from infringement and by this, ensure that whatever gets to the client is as per the agreement.

Your storage facilities such as warehouses and loading docks should also be well protected. The last thing you want is to have your cargo tampered with before leaving the loading zone.

To eliminate theft, put up a strict lock policy that will help to streamline your business operations.

Conduct a Background Check on All Drivers and Loading Operators

To be on the safe side, always run a background check on every driver and the employees in your warehouses. This is among the ways you can avoid hiring the wrong people.

Most importantly, a criminal background check will provide you with the employees’ criminal history. From a business perspective, think of how a person’s criminal record can tarnish your good business reputation.

Invest in a Cargo Insurance Policy

car insurance

Having goods on transit is a risky business. Anything can happen when the goods are on the road. Whether an accident, fire, or in most cases, having your goods stolen.

These are all the reasons why you need a cargo insurance policy, whether your cargo is transported by sea, road, air, or rail, you’ll want to ensure that the cargo is insured against such eventualities.

Talk to your insurance agent and they’ll provide you with the best plans best suited for your specific needs. Your fleet of vehicles should also be insured.

Having a comprehensive type of insurance in place will help to also protect your drivers while on the road. You’ll want to ensure that in the advent of any eventuality, your drivers can be well compensated.

Don’t Be Emotional to Loss

If you have incurred serious losses due to cargo damage, the last thing you’ll want to do is panic. This will cloud your judgment on taking the best steps to recover your goods.

Whenever you have such issues at hand, and, especially if you have cargo insurance in place, contact your insurance agent and they’ll advise you on the next steps to take.

Driver Training Is Essential

Not so many companies know the importance of driver training. Defensive driving training should be at the top priority of any company dealing with goods in transit.

You’ll want your drivers tested and tried to ensure that they can handle the vehicles as well as protect your goods. Among the critical areas of a defensive driving test include:

  • Safety
  • Teaching drivers to be aware of their surroundings
  • Having escape routes in case of disaster or danger
  • Driving within reasonable speed limits
  • Avoiding distractions and driving while sober

There are so many ways to protect your driver and your profits. Having your cargo while on transit can give you sleepless nights. This is the kind of stress you’ll want to avoid if you want to maintain your sanity and remain productive.

The above are tips to help guide you and in the same way, protect your driver and your profits.


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