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QallOut Head 2 Head Debates to Take Your Argument to the Next Level

Healthy debates are one of the best ways to voice your opinions and internet has opened a whole new world for people to voice their opinion. This open world is good not just for you to participate in a constructive formal or informal debate, but you may also find the content of various debates useful for research purposes.

Well, the above is just an ideal scenario; the real open internet is way too different. There’s too much ignorance and hate flooding through comments sections across the internet. QallOut steps in to stop this nonsense, and organize constructive debates.

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With social video debates, so those speaking the truth can ‘Qall Out’ the bullies, haters, trolls and liars!

Qall Out offers Head-2-Head debates so you can take an argument to the next level. When you Go H2H, you’re entering a live broadcast video debate. You and your opponent are connected to each other and a live audience via industry-standard videoconferencing software and the audience can weigh in on who they agree with and share their comments in a chat feed.

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Once a debate ends, the video is saved, so you can share it with any friends who couldn’t make the live showing. They can comment and vote as well!

You can Qall Out anyone for H2H, either by entering their user name, from their profile or via email!

Be well informed, be articulate, be passionate, and be respectful! Though the platform offers freedom of speech, your content must not contain threats, violence advocacy or harassment!

QallOut is a must try for all those enthusiastic individuals who want to stop the hatred and ignorance with arguments!

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QallOut in Their Own Words:

People love to argue, more people love to watch people argue. The comments section all over the internet is filled with hatred, lies and misinformation which are constantly igniting unstructured arguments and debates. QallOut aims to organize and improve the online argumentation experience through live video and structured debating formats.


What Brings QallOut to the Spotlight:

It’s one good step to fight ignorance and hate among online communities!


QallOut Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.