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Quadro: a Smart Controller for Your MAC and WINDOWS Computers

Almost everyone seems to be obsessed with productivity these days, but only a few actually make it happen. Those who succeed in doing so, actually know what it is or what it means. Productivity is all about achieving goals, and if you cannot have a smooth workflow, you may not be able to meet your daily targets and as a result you cannot achieve your goals.

We have just everything on our computer, and it makes life easier, but not when they are lost in hideous menus and you keep on browsing and browsing. A tap is not just easy to do, but is also efficient way to get things done faster. Yes, we cannot just avoid mouse, but it’s not so good for launching commands at least and I am sure, learning keyboard shortcuts is not a pleasant idea!

Quadro is the solution! It’s a personal interface to interact and control your computer through simple yet convenient touch. Designed for today’s computer workflows and demands, it’s surely going to help you increase productivity by improving your workflow, minimizing the time between ideation & execution, automating workflow, and avoiding repetitions.

quadro main image

Let it be controlling media and the system or editing text and messages via multiple channels, Quadro will do all!

That’s not just all, you can even substitute the keyboard with Quadro, since it includes a smart keyboard, automatically invoked when selecting a text input or recalled with a quick gesture.

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Quadro is currently available for iPad and iPhone only, however, by downloading QuadroSync and browser extensions, you can control your Mac and Windows both and can interact with all web-apps right from Quadro.

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Quadro in Their Own Words:

Quadro turns your iOS device into a customizable control center for computer applications. Lead using touches instead of dragging your mouse around and getting lost in menu bars. Set the stage for a smooth workflow, customizing the function and look of any command to your requirements.

Automate repetitive tasks and create cross-application and cross-platform macros with ease, so as to let the computer work on your behalf. Isn’t this what they are meant to do? Working with Quadro shortens the gap between the formation of an idea and its implementation, improving flow and focus for any professional user.

What Brings Quadro to the Spotlight:

It makes lives easier!

Quadro Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.