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Ranketo; a Customer Communication Platform with Behavior Prediction System

No business can survive without satisfied customers. For any startup or an established business, customer satisfaction is important, because it provides the metrics to improve and grow the business.

By ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, a business can quickly indicate consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty as well as point of differentiation. A business with maximum satisfied customers has more lifetime customers and no negative word of mouth!

It is important to focus on customer satisfaction because it’s cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones. So it’s essential to choose the right communication platform whereby you can talk to your customers with more flexibility, hear their voice all over the internet, across multiple sources and respond faster and effectively!

That’s what Ranketo is meant for; it’s a communication platform for customer support departments, marketers, sales teams, business owners and just anyone who is in direct communication with the end users.

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Wait, it’s not a helpdesk! Rather, it’s a complete customer care tool that comes with detailed user analysis features. Customers talk about brands everywhere, i.e. social media, forums, blogs and in chats and Ranketo allows you to reach them from one dashboard!

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The detailed analytics of user behavior and forecasts allow you to predict customers’ needs and offer them the solutions that exceed their expectations. With flexible API, you can do various integrations to optimize the work flow and increase productivity!

Ranketo is surely going to be the game changer for small businesses who want to grow faster. So if you’re the one, do signup for early access!

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Ranketo in Their Own Words:

Ranketo is customer communication and analytics platform. Make your customers happy and enhance company brand using unified customer communication and analysis platform with behavior prediction system.

Focus on improving customer experience, understanding their needs, user behavior analysis and prediction, getting more revenue from users. Talk to your customers everywhere from one dashboard, we provide access to a bunch of channels where you reach them: social media, email, forums, chats, blogs and more.

What Brings Ranekto to the Spotlight:

Ranketo fills the miscommunication gap between business and customers.

Ranketo Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.