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Reach +100 Targeted Journalists with PromoteHour

For a startup to survive it is very important to build trust and PR can do wonders if done rightly. It helps in communicating your message to gain followers, advocates and supporters, but implementing a successful PR strategy for a startup is not that easy.

It’s not just a complicated process, but needs loads of hard work and investment too. So, when you’re going to spend money, the wise idea is to get it done by the right people who can deliver results!

PromoteHour is one trusted name for startup promotion; their growth plans are simply awesome for early stage startups, mobile apps and crowdfunding campaigns. With reference to the PR, I’ll be specific about their “Coverage” plan.

promotehour coverage

The plan has all what a startup needs, i.e. your message reaches 100+ targeted journalists with guaranteed coverage. With guaranteed coverage they mean if the first round doesn’t get you 100+ coverage, they will run another round.

Let me explain why it matters to reach targeted journalists only and why reaching out random journalists is a waste of time:

Suppose you reach out 50 random bloggers and they covered your story too, but will it benefit? Truly unsure!

In other case, if you reach TechCrunch, Nextweb as well as top niche media blogs and coverage from just one of them will get you noticed by hundreds and thousands of targeted customers.

promotehour main image

Why PromoteHour?

PromoteHour knows how to do it professionally! They are in constant contact with targeted journalists, send personalized emails to them and track the email opens as well! Once, the connection is established, you can have direct communication with the journalists for better explanations!

Do check out further details with them to know how they will help your business grow in the right direction!

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