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Real Time Clinic; Empowering Telemedicine Consult

The fast pace daily routine is making people more concerned about their health and as the health and safety concerns are rising across the world, people are getting more cautious of living a healthy lifestyle.

The booming demand for Telemedicine is the result of such speedy lifestyle and as a fact of the matter telemedicine is not less than a blessing in most of the situations, especially when you cannot afford a visit to the doctor due to any reason.

As telemedicine solutions require a great deal of investment and technical expertise, it is usually a costly affair for the service providers like hospitals and specialty clinics. Moreover, the readymade solutions lack design, practicality issues and proper communication channels which bothers the service seekers.

RealTime Clinic solves this problem and helps both the service providers and patients. It is an effective and responsive mobile platform that provides telemedicine consult.

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This platform connects the health service seekers with physician groups, medical homes and hospitals and is a must have for the systems that are looking for after hour care for the patients.

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For service seekers, it allows them to choose from wide range of medical specialty services at a nearest region.  Patients can get in touch immediately with the consultant or practitioner using the contact details provided on his or her profile and even can rate the experience with the doctor.

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RealTime Clinic in Their Own Words:

RealTime Clinic (RTC) is a mobile platform to enable safe and effective telemedicine consults. The platform leverages off-the-shelf technology as well as licensed technology to build a first generation platform to delivering superior service. Healthcare providers on the platform can extend their service levels for existing patients while allowing access to new patients.

What Brings RealTime Clinic to the Spotlight:

It’s cost effective yet powerful telehealth solution.

RealTime Clinic Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.