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3 Reasons Why Hair Loss Is Big Business

More than 21 million women and 35 million men around the globe suffer from hair loss. While for some, the reason is hereditary-pattern baldness, for others, it may be a chronic disease.

3 Reasons Why Hair Loss Is Big Business

Regardless of the cause, there’s one thing quite apparent, and that is how the increasing hair fall problem has started to become a big business. 

So in this article, we’re going to go over a couple of popular hair loss treatment options, and also provide you with some insight into the growing hair transplant industry. 

Common Hair Loss Treatments

1. Minoxidil

Minoxidil has been up for grabs after it was approved by the FDA as a treatment for baldness.

Available in the form of foam or liquid, its application is safe for both men and women. A common perception is that it works by enlarging hair follicles which thereby results in boosting the growth rate. 

On the downside, Minoxidil won’t be beneficial for everyone. The clinical studies suggest that prominent results were observed only in those facing hereditary-pattern baldness.

That too lasts until they continue applying it. Nevertheless, since it has no harsh side-effects, trying it once will cause no harm to you.      

2. Finasteride

Another FDA-approved treatment of baldness is the oral tablets of Finasteride. This treatment is recommended only for men and should be used after consulting a doctor.

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While Minoxidil does not affect hormones, Finasteride works by decreasing levels of hormones (DHT) responsible for shrinking the hair follicles. 

The treatment has no long-lasting results, and it works until the pills are being consumed. To our surprise, taking this medication can lead to severe side-effects including prostate cancer. Therefore, countering hair-loss with your health at stake would never be the right idea.  

3. Hair Transplant

This treatment involves moving hair from the back of the scalp to the front side where there is less hair or baldness. Since it is a surgical procedure, a skillful dermatologist is required to perform which in turn increases the cost. 

Depending upon the level of baldness, your surgeon might suggest you slit grafts or micro-grafts transplant. The treatments are acceptable for both genders.

The possible after-effects are swelling, infection or scarring. You may also need to go through several surgeries to achieve the desired results.

Check Medihair’s guide on hair transplant costs around the globe to compare prices.  

Rise of Hair loss Treatment Startups

With the emerging problem of hair loss, there have been several start-ups offering treatments at your doorstep.

One example of this is Keeps. They offer the customers a monthly supply of Minoxidil, Finasteride, or both after the doctor’s consultation. Along with it, a specially formulated shampoo is also supplied to treat flaking or dandruff on the scalp.

Similarly, Forhims has also come to light adopting similar treatment patterns with the addition of side-products like biotin or specially formulated shampoos or conditioners. 

This rapid increase in such businesses signifies how common the hair loss problem has become. However, are the solutions more about treating and less about earning money? The story is still untold.    

The Growing Hair Transplant Industry in Turkey 

The hair transplant industry has grown by leaps and bounds in Turkey. The treatment has gained popularity such that not only the locals but the foreigners also visit the country solely to get rid of baldness.

The popularity can be estimated from the fact that weekly 150-500 transplants are performed in the country as shared by Middle East Tourism and Travel Agencies Association.  

On digging a bit deeper, we figured out that the cost is the answer for driving everyone towards Istanbul. You can get the transplants done at half the cost as compared to other countries. 

With that said, cheaper isn’t always better. There’s a slight possibility of being left with horrible scars and bald spots for the rest of your life.

The streets of Turkey are overwhelmed with such victims unleashing how cutting corners has resulted in bringing irreversible changes in their life.

Hence, it’s time to get wary of such offers that bring nothing but more challenges.  

Wrapping it Up

Losing hair is undoubtedly a commonly encountered problem of today’s age. However, on observing the consumers closely, the treatments available for the issue seem like a wild goose chase.

Although Minoxidil and Finasteride are crowned with FDA approvals, the side-effects accompanied are outright alarming.  

Plus, discerning the attraction of masses toward Turkey, one can rightly estimate how desperate the users are to find a solution to baldness.

Hence, the researchers need to find a more reliable and effective solution to the problem faced by great numbers.    


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