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5 Reasons to Create a Company Magazine

You may think that the magazine industry is dying because people have started visiting their favorite websites over buying a monthly subscription. However, the industry has only changed over the last few decades and is expected to increase by $3.4 billion from 2020 to 2025.

One of these major changes is the effective use of free magazines in the form of business marketing tools. How can a magazine publication help your small business?

Read on to find 5 reasons you should invest in one today.

1. Coordinate Your Brand

Today’s marketing ideas of branding exist in logos and web pages that only offer a snippet of your company’s brand. However, the roots and goals of your business are more than that.

Starting a digital magazine or a print one helps expand and unify your story and display it in an organized manner to your clients and potential customers. They also offer an opportunity to project your business’ voice through creativity, from features to photographs. This elevates your brand as an authority in your industry.

2. Promote Your Service or Product

Online marketing means getting someone to find your company through a search engine and then trusting your brand enough to buy your product or call you for service. This is a task that can take some time and effort.

You have an easier method of getting information about your products and services into your customers’ homes. A magazine in the mail allows people to peruse your company more leisurely than the usual speed of online browsing.

3. Creates Legitimacy and Trust

Magazines are types of marketing that make people feel more secure. The collaboration of design, storytelling and marketing all in one publication offers the appearance of effort.

Whereas websites can be hacked or fabricated by scammers, magazines showcase legitimacy and trust as a community presence.

4. Gain Customers Through Readership

Businesses always need marketing tips to gain more customers. Websites do this through blog content, but you can take this a step further with a magazine.

Articles online can be useful to get the attention of potential customers, but magazines are targeted marketing tactics. They are mailed to certain demographics and the contents cater to them.

Your magazine reminds recipients of your company well after it arrives as it lies on the kitchen table for a few days and attracts attention.

5. Keep Long-lasting Ads

Digital ad space costs much less than printed advertisements for a reason. Magazine ads last longer as they stay in people’s homes rather than their browser history.

The same also goes for company marketing of your own products. People will return to a magazine as it is more memorable, whether in print or online since it catches the eye more than a web page checkout.

Business Marketing Tools for Your Magazine

Just about all the business marketing tools that you use for your website or targeting advertising can be applied to a comprehensive format: a magazine. This makes them a powerful method to expand your business by finding new clients and staying connected to previous ones.

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