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5 Reasons to Hire a Corporate Speaker

Are you thinking about hiring a speaker for your next company event? Be prepared to spend anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 for a corporate speaker.

You’ll pay more for authors and thought leaders. You might be wondering if it’s worth it to spend on a speaker.

What if they don’t deliver? Why should you hire a public speaker? How do you go about finding one?

There are a lot of things to know about hiring public speakers. If you want to know why you should hire one for your next event, you’ll want to keep reading.

This guide shows you the top reasons to hire corporate speakers and how to hire the best public speaker without breaking the bank.

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1. Attract an Audience

Do you know why famous people get paid a lot of money to deliver an hour-long talk? Their time is valuable, but the main reason why is because they sell a lot of tickets.

The right corporate speaker is someone that your audience is familiar with. They might be a thought leader in your industry or a well-known author.

They could be an influencer that’s popular with your event’s audience. Getting them on board to speak at your event is almost guaranteed to draw a crowd.

The good news is that you don’t need to have a speaker who is world-famous at your event. You can get someone with a reputation for delivering a top-notch talk.

2. Entertain and Inspire

The best corporate speakers get the audience to feel something. They are memorable because they have a great story and they inspire people to make an impact in the world.

They’re also entertaining. They have incredible energy and stage presence that demands the attention of the audience. They bring charm and a sense of humor along with the seriousness of the event.

3. Reiterates Values, Vision, and Mission of the Company

Your organization revolves around the values, mission, and vision of the company. They get lost when employees are trying to get work done and put out fires.

A good corporate speaker takes the time to learn the core of your business. They tailor the presentation to include the mission, vision, and values and bring them to the forefront.

4. Increase Employee Engagement and Morale

It’s a struggle to keep employees attentive and engaged. The best corporate speakers deliver a presentation so powerful and inspirational, employees can’t help but want to be better in their jobs.

Corporate speakers often find ways to foster connections between employees from different departments. That communication and connection can build morale and engagement.

5. Corporate Speakers Give Actionable Items

Have you ever watched a speaker go on and on about themselves for what felt like an eternity? That’s because they made it all about themselves.

They talked about their experiences and tried to make their experiences relatable. When speakers talk about themselves for an entire talk, they miss the mark.

The best public speakers know how to take their own experiences and turn them into actionable items for the audience.

They deliver a talk that changes how participants think and gives them a clear set of action items to change how they do things.

How to Hire the Best Public Speaker

Did you find that these are great reasons to hire a corporate speaker? Now, how do you go about hiring one for your next event?

If you were to do an online search for corporate speakers, you’ll get thousands of results. Only a few of them will be the right fit for your event.

To start the hiring process, get clear as to what you need from a corporate speaker. List the date and location of the event.

This will have to coincide with a speaker’s availability. Next, create a budget for the corporate speaker.

Some speakers have an all-inclusive fee that includes travel costs. Others have a speaking fee and expect you to handle the accommodations and transportation.

If you’re working from a smaller budget, then look for speakers in your region to lower travel costs.

Think about your reasons for hiring a corporate speaker. Also, consider the time and environment of the performance.

There are speakers that specialize in virtual presentations, workshops, and keynote addresses.

The person who delivers the opening keynote needs to have an incredible amount of energy. That keynote sets the tone for the event.

A speaker that closes the event can bring humor and fun to the presentation. That’s the last thing that people will remember about the event.

Who will attend the event? There are speakers that excel in working with women’s leadership groups, while others can connect with a diverse group of people.

Establish Your Committee

Who needs to be involved in the hiring process? Get them involved early on in the hiring process.

The committee should agree on the parameters of hiring the speaker. That makes the hiring process go faster and you’ll be able to secure the best public speaker possible.

Contact Your Network

Speakers get hired mostly by referral. Ask people within your network if they know of good corporate speakers to speak at your event.

You’ll probably get a list of a few names. Check out their speaker websites. They’ll have demo reels that show them in action.

Contact a few speakers and see if they’d be interested and if they’re available. If you’re narrowing down your options to a few speakers, have them fill out an application or submit a short video of their talk.

Get your committee together and make a final decision.

Once you select your speaker, you’ll need to negotiate the specifics of the contract.

It’s Time to Hire a Professional Corporate Speaker

Should you hire a corporate speaker? Absolutely! They can contribute so much to your event.

Hiring the best corporate speakers is easy once you know what you’re looking for. Reach out to your network and find the best speaker for your event.

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