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4 On-Point Reasons To Move To New Zealand

Are you considering moving to New Zealand? Your thoughts can have been informed by the good reports indicating that life satisfaction is highest in New Zealand among all the OECD countries.

4 On-Point Reasons To Move To New Zealand

You would like to have this life satisfaction as contributed to by many factors. Here are 4 on point reasons to move to New Zealand:

Job Availability

Recent reports have shown that the job market in New Zealand is constantly widening and growing. While in many countries of the world half of the population is unemployed, things are different in New Zealand as an estimated 76% of the population is employed.

Additionally, there are currently no zero-hour contracts in New Zealand and therefore you can work assured you can work for a specified number of hours weekly. New Zealand residents can confidently rely on employment to feed their families and live a comfortable life.

The New Zealand economy is also attractive and skilled labor is never sufficient as there is always a skills gap. The government also has attractive strategies as non-natives are allowed to fill up job positions that need skills that the country cannot provide.

You can easily apply for a temporary visa if your skills are among those classified by the New Zealand government as on-demand skills. This is enough eligibility for a visa to the country.

Further, if your skills are among the job categories of long-term shortage zones, then you qualify for a work-to-residence visa which can let you live in New Zealand for not more than two years.

There are also internal shipping strategies that can facilitate your move to New Zealand. The professionals behind point out that if you are from the United Kingdom and you have the skills needed by New Zealand, you can use the desired international shipping services as they are reasonably affordable and convenient.

These shipment services can make it possible for you to move your entire house or part of your belongings to New Zealand.


Recently, about a quarter of the New Zealand population is made up of immigrants. Many of these immigrants are from Asia and Europe.

New Zealand’s are friendly people who welcome visitors and incorporate them into their ways of life. You can be sure to have warm reception on arrival to the country. New Zealand’s are tolerant of diverse cultures and you cannot suffer any form of discrimination in the country.

Unlike in other countries where you can suffer tensions and fear of being noticed as an immigrant, this is not the case in New Zealand. Both the government and the locals appreciate newcomers.

This also increases the level of safety in the country. Furthermore, many countries that have insecurities are those whose better portions of populations are unemployed. Everyone is busy in New Zealand and no one has time to engage in any form of destructive activities.

The latest statistics from the global peace index indicate that new Zealand is the second most safe country in the world. Safety is comprehensive of security, societal safety, national and international conflicts, and the levels of militarisation. You can have the highest levels of police protection too.

It’s a Suitable Place To Raise Your Kids

The high levels of safety can enable you to move to New Zealand. This means providing a quality life to your children that will allow them to play safely outside and encourage them to be active while making the most of the country’s many natural attributes.

The liveability is also very high and your children can enjoy every bit of being residents of New Zealand. The beautiful wildlife scenery also makes it fun for your children to grow up in New Zealand.

There is a lot of space and fresh air that makes it suitable for the children. Furthermore, there are multicultural schools with diverse people and well-equipped infrastructure to enable your child to have the best type of education there can be.

Healthcare and the culture of both the locals and the immigrants can expose your children to a friendly world. The environment is beautiful and ideal for human existence unlike other environments in countries that have high levels of pollution.

the hobbit house

New Zealand is a Highly Progressive Society

The country has been very dynamic and progressive since its historical times. The country has been one of the earliest countries to allow women to have national identity cards and to vote. It is also among the first countries to allow same-sex marriages.

The New Zealand society is one where everyone enjoys their freedom without barriers. The country is ahead in terms of politics and women’s leadership is encouraged and adored. The country greatly relies on renewable energy and this makes sustainability in the country very easy.

New Zealand is the ideal dream country everyone desires to live in. It has good infrastructure, it is forward-thinking, it has a lot of space, a beautiful environment, and a friendly climate. The quality of life is good making it suitable for raising children. The multiculturalism and abundant job opportunities further make it possible for you to enjoy life.


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