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Recruiting the Best Talent for Your Small Business

One of the most important things you will do for your business is to hire employees who contribute to the growth of the business. If you have the right personnel, everything will be fine: the tasks will be done on time, the dates will be met, and the profits will increase rapidly.

But, if you do not have a good team in place, you will see how difficult it is to try to grow your business. You will probably not go anywhere, because the inefficient staff causes situations for which you have to stop and lose your valuable time. So, recruiting the right talent matters most and it requires your special attention.

This article will discuss the basic guidelines to hire the right talent for your business:

Key Steps In the Recruitment Process

For a selection process to be effective there are many points that you should keep in mind:

1- Analyze the Needs of the Business

Any organization that wishes to excel in its sector must be very clear about their personal needs. Performing an analysis every so often will be very beneficial for the company as it helps identifying the needs and detecting deficiencies.

2- Searching the Personnel

Once the personnel needs have been detected, the next step is to start the search. At this point, we can differentiate between passive recruitment – when you wait for CVs to arrive at the company or active recruitment – when the search is done through the 2.0 tools.

If you do not know where to start looking, below you will find a list of some strategies you can use to attract good candidates:

Primary come across with your industry. There may be workers who can be endorsed. Begin with your own workers to see if you have someone who can do the job.

  • Call people who worked with you before and who did a good job.
  • Put an announcement in the publications of the associations to which you belong.
  • Find Curriculums in databases of sites on the internet.
  • Put an ad in universities.
  • Establish a recruitment incentive and tell your team. When you give them your checks, provide them with a copy of the incentive plan, with clear explanations. Make sure it is an attractive incentive plan for your employees and that they want to participate.
  • Go to the recruitment events of professionals and do not forget that each conversation is a possible interview.
  • Publish your ad in your company’s newsletter or on your website.

3- Pre-Selection Works

Once you have searched for the candidates or received the candidacies, you must make a pre-selection. From the HR department, you have to create filters, set some objectives and have clear profiles to hire.

I recommend that you make a “step” approach or in parts. First, you can start with phone calls to discard people who do not have the experience you’re looking for. This will leave you with a list of the best candidates, which you can call to do personal interviews. This way you will be able to realize the quality of the candidates.

Upload a particular phone number so that candidates can call and leave their information. When you post the announcement of the position you want to hire, include this number for candidates to call and leave a message. This step is before any other, even before they deliver a resume. When you hear the messages, select those that most appeal to you, and ask those candidates to send their information.

4- Tests

The candidates must pass a series of tests in order to check that meet the skills and competencies required for the post to be filled.

5- Interviews

Interviews are a necessary procedure that must be carried out to get to know the candidates better.

Candidates usually present themselves with a Curriculum, where they include information about their work experience and their education. But these documents are only pieces of paper. So that you can make the right decision, you need to personally know your candidates and find out who is the best for your company.

6- Decisions After Valuations

At the end of the interviews, it is necessary to make the appropriate assessments of all the candidates. Taking notes or filling in some type of file can be very useful at this point.

7- Inform & Hire the Chosen Candidate

Once you have made your selection, you must inform the person you have chosen. If you are still interested in the job you are offering, you will make an appointment to inform them of the legal and behavioral aspects of your new position and ask them to sign your new contract.

8- Incorporation Of the Employee

After the signing of the contract comes the incorporation of the employee. It is important that you accompany him in this process and introduce him to the organizational culture, i.e. better to give an employee handbook right on the joining day. Also introduce the new hire to the team and other colleagues of the different departments. In spite of this, you have to bring up to date regarding the rules and the customs of the corporation.

9- Worker Tracking

Finally, you must follow the worker in those first days and be aware of any need you may have. You may consider using tools to track and measure their performance, i.e. timeclock wizard, Add Progress etc.

Through these simple steps to recruit staff, you can get the best for your company and your employees without making mistakes that harm your company.

If you hire someone who has a good attitude, it will be easy to train them to obtain the necessary skills. But you must be careful and know the candidates well before hiring them. You need them to have both skills and a right attitude because these are good candidates. If you know how to identify these types of candidates, you will be successful when hiring employees.

The Bottom line

Many of big banner firms, don’t just opt for a smile mean of conducting interviews and presentation sessions for hiring, but even move a step ahead on creative ideas and analysis on the digital world and other informative means by considering recruitment research companies with great efforts for hiring masterly skilled personalities in their company.

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