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Reduce Your Cloud Computing Spending with ParkMyCloud

The cloud where it delivers tangible benefits, primarily increased flexibility and agility, can also mean added costs. Some of these are expected and other unexpected.

Once, you get past the initial win of getting access to infrastructure as a service rather than ‘investing’ in hardware (the expected costs), you find those unexpected ones. With some simple tips you can avoid those costs, but to apply those tips you need to be available 24/7.

For instance, you or your developers are not working 24×7, then why to keep your development environment on all the time? Further, at time your add resources and forget about them. Automating all such matters can actually help a lot.

ParkMyCloud is a self-service web app to quickly schedule on/off times for your idle AWS instances and hence saving you almost 20% of the costs.


Why not to stop paying for idle AWS EC2 instances, when it can be done with a few clicks. It’s simple, just connect with AWS to discover your compute instances, schedule On/Off times for the desired instances and reduce your AWS bill by 20% or more.

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ParkMyCloud in their Own Words:

ParkMyCloud is a cost-effective, lightweight app that reduces cloud computing costs by 20% or more, in just 15 minutes. This new app allows AWS users to pay only for the computing resources they’re actually using by scheduling on/off times (also known as “parking”) for their idle cloud computing services. ParkMyCloud is SaaS-based, so there’s nothing to download and no installation required. Customers are up and running in just three simple steps.

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What Brings ParkMyCloud to the Spotlight:

Imagine how much money you’d waste if you left all of the lights and appliances on when you were not home. Imagine how much money you’d waste on water if your sprinklers stayed on 24×7. Imagine how much gas you’d burn if you left your car running all night while it’s parked in your driveway.

Hundreds of thousands of cloud computing customers are in the exact same situation, i.e. wasting hundreds of millions of dollars paying for idle cloud computing services. ParkMyCloud is helping them save money!

ParkMy Could Website:

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