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Remodeling A Guest Bedroom Into A Productive Home Office

Whether your child has recently moved out of the house, you no longer need a roommate to pay rent, or you simply do not have enough guests to justify having an extra bedroom, there are plenty of situations in which you may find yourself asking: What should I do with that spare bedroom?

Of course, the answer to this question will vary based on your personal needs. A spare bedroom can be turned into an exercise room, a game room, an electronics hub, a music or art studio, or a reading lounge. Yet, of all the potential transformations available to an extra bedroom, the most versatile and generally useful is the home office.

If you work from home, or even have just a few work-related tasks that you find yourself doing when you get home at night, a home office might be right for you. Instead of hunching over your laptop in bed, or sitting up late at the dining room table, you could instead be working ergonomically in the comfort of your home office, supported by furniture suited specifically to your needs.

Furthermore, having a designated space in which to do your work will ensure that you are separated from potential distractions and help to reduce your stress in spaces such as the bedroom when you are ready to relax.

1- Painting Walls

Though this aspect of remodeling may seem either obvious or inconsequential, painting the walls of your office a new color can be one of the most significant aspects of the room’s transformation. While, in a bedroom, you might want bright colors that reflect personality, research shows that dark, low-wavelength colors actually increase focus and productivity. Check out some options at The Paint Store to find one that is right for you.

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You can also consider covering walls with full your favorite pieces of art or even nature wallpapers. Whatever the option you select, make sure your home office is bright yet soothing.

2- Office Furniture

This is your office—the place you will focus on work, conduct your business, and disengage from the ‘comfort’ of your home. It needs to be dressed to function as such. In which case, be sure to make a list of the appropriate office furniture you are going to need. Out with the bed and in with the desk.

Buy an ergonomic chair if you are going to spend the workday seated. Look into investing in filing cabinets if whatever sort of business you are executing requires copious amounts of paperwork. Dress your office for the functionality of one you would like outside of your home.

3- Windows

Since it is generally used in the night time, a guest bedroom may not necessitate much light, but the same does not hold true for an office. You want your office to have as much access to natural light as possible. This will enable you to work productively without straining your eyes, and to maintain a positive mood.

For this aspect of remodeling, especially, you might want to work with a contractor – and make sure you look for local professionals who understand exactly how to incorporate windows to make the most of energy efficiency and your home’s natural lighting. If you’re remodeling in Southern California, opt for San Diego contractors that understand climate needs. If you live in Brooklyn, hire New York contractors that can make sure your windows don’t leak heat during those cold winters.

4- Drawers

Whether you want space to store paperwork and archival documents, or room to put tools like hole-punchers and staplers, drawers are necessary for reducing workspace clutter. A well-built and spacious set of drawers can be essential in making sure your office stays neat and organized (it can also do wonders for a home office’s aesthetic). If you are searching for drawers, start by taking a look at The Container Store to see what options might work best in your office.

5- Shelves

Just like drawers, shelves keep an office productive by helping you maintain an organized space. Yet, shelves differ from drawers in that they provide easier access to the things you might need access to more frequently (like your tax return, for example). Shelves can also enable you to display certain objects that provide respite from work, such as family photos, magazines, or literature. Or, they can promote the brand of your home business. The options are limitless.

Wrapping it up!

Remodeling is no simple feat. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of simple improvements to help you transform your guest bedroom into the most productive home office possible. Once you have laid a foundation for your office, you can even start to look at technologies that may help you in your work. In any case, make sure you consider your final vision for your office before you embark on this project and implement all that it encompasses.

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