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Remote Teams and Dam Software – 3 Reasons It’s a Match Made in Heaven

Are you doing everything you can to support your remote teams? Do you even have a remote working policy in place? From 2020 going forward it’s clear that the workplace is changing and even after the threat of covid-19 has passed, many businesses are now considering fully committing to employing remote teams permanently.

Your remote workforce is an asset, they save time and money on expensive resources, a flexible working structure means that work is always completed as scheduled, and compared to traditional office workers they’re much more content, which in turn means higher productivity.

remote team

But are you doing everything you can to support them? As remote teams work hard to push their departments forward, they’re going to be relying on a well structured and organised digital storage solution more than ever. And your basic cloud systems just won’t cut it.

This is where DAM software comes in – is software a product or a service? Click the link to find out. This incredible organisational tool will protect and manage all your company’s digital assets. Storing them in an easy to navigate library that can be accessed 24/7. The perfect addition to those flexible working hours. But why else should you contemplate DAM software for your department or business?

Here we’ll explore 3 reasons why remote teams and DAM software are a match made in heaven.

Remote access is a dream

As mentioned above, remote teams will find their productivity stunted if they have to rely on email chains, insecure file transfers, or dated servers as a means to access the digital assets they require. DAM software means complete secure access day or night, and the smart search capabilities of your categories and media groups mean they can find what they need instantly. As a business, you’re also protected with fully customisable access permissions, so you’re in full control of who has access to what.

With DAM, your remote teams can simply get on with their appointed projects and tasks with little need to ask for advice or wait for the latest versions of files to be pointed out to them. They can simply get on and go!

Consistent branding is easy

It’s easy to imagine the difficulties managers have when trying to get their brand message across to remote workers, many of whom may not be completely familiar with the company’s voice or image. However, with DAM, it’s no longer an issue. Whether your remote workers are in different time zones on the other side of the world, or a few miles away, a DAM system will ensure they have access to correctly branded content and the latest versions of logos, imagery, and written content. With the right files just a click away, consistency within your brand is guaranteed.

Communication is still achievable

When workflows are streamlined, it creates a better working environment and remote workers will be able to keep the lines of communication open much easier thanks to DAM software. With clear approvals and access, sharing, and distribution of your digital assets have never been easier.

Final thoughts

It’s clear that DAM software and remote workers should go hand in hand, so reach out to for the latest in DAM platforms.

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