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Top 20 Remote Work Tools in 2023 for Teams to Stay

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to choose a remote mode of work. A lot of companies today allow their employees to work online. Firstly, sometimes it is much more comfortable for an employee to work from home. Secondly, business owners save money on the maintenance of workplaces.

In addition to saving money, hiring remote employees allows you to work with the best experts in your field. For example, a company can hire specialists from any part of the world and greatly increase the efficiency of the team.

Moreover, if the company offers employees remote work, it can reduce turnover. In this way, a company demonstrates the willingness to meet the needs of the workers.

There are many nuances in working with a remote team. Building communication, self-discipline, workday planning, task management, and execution control would add up naturally in the office. The absence of such an environment would require a new approach to almost any task.

For today’s list of remote work tools, we have chosen applications that are, in our opinion, the best and help achieve maximum efficiency when working remotely in any kind of activity. For convenience, we have divided them into groups.

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Task and Project Management


With over 125,000 customers, monday.com is a work operating system (Work OS) that lets organizations of any size run all aspects of their work on one platform. monday.com’s low-code/no-code building blocks — such as apps or integrations— allow companies to use the Work OS for everything from CRM, marketing, sales, R&D, and more.


Goodday is a work, project, task, time, and quality management platform that provides the best tools for managing a remote team on a daily basis.


Trello is a kanban board system for organizing projects. With its help, at a glance, you’ll see what tasks are being performed, who’s assigned to do a project, and what’s yet to be considered and discussed.

All of your team’s tasks are visualized and systematized.


This is the project management platform that teams use to always stay focused and to solve only the tasks that will bring the most value to the business every day.

It is easy to organize working processes, schedule tasks, and set goals on this platform.  Read further if you’d like to get more detailed information on Trello vs. Asana, as both tools are great.


Wrike is a great tool to manage a team of 20+ employees. It includes kanban boards, task statuses, Gantt charts, custom dashboards, and structured folders and projects. It is a very popular and reliable service you should definitely try to use.


ClickUp is virtually the future of project management. There are built-in documents, goals, calendars, schedules, and email. An incredibly flexible tool that fits teams of all sizes. We recommend checking out their website, even if you’ve already chosen a CRM.


This service offers group chats, to-do lists, discussion topics, and tasks. There is a free version limited to three projects, and 20 users. A paid subscription costs $99 per month, regardless of the number of users.


peopleHum’s remote work management tool, Huddle, helps track team-wide project schedules, set dependencies in real-time, and gain visibility at every stage.

With a customizable dashboard, you can see in real-time who’s able to take on more work and who’s not, make adjustments to prevent missed deadlines, and illustrate blockers.

It also generates instant reports on a dashboard rich with comprehensive language insights, personalized for your teams’ operational activities, rather than a standard data dump. This tool is available on both Android and IOS.


Notion is a great tool for small companies. There’s a mini CRM, to-do lists for users, and task monitoring. There are both free and paid versions, with prices starting at $4 per month.


Screencastify is a screen recording app. It seems to be the most convenient one. This platform saves screen recordings directly to the Google Drive account through which you are logged in. It works as an extension for the Google Chrome browser.


The name of this platform speaks for itself. Automate all processes and collect everything in one place: Slack, CRM, automation of daily tasks like in Zapier, email scrolling – everything is included.

eWay-CRM in Outlook

One of the complex CRM systems is eWay-CRM operating in Outlook from Microsoft. It manages contacts, tasks, leads, projects, and helps with the direct mailing as well.

It looks limited when you need Outlook to make it work, but then you will benefit from an all-in-one workspace and any duplications of contacts/emails/notes won’t be needed anymore.



Every successful remote leader knows the importance of leaning into asynchronous communication. If you want to rock it remotely, the one thing your team needs to grasp is how to communicate more effectively.

With Complish, an asynchronous collaboration tool for remote teams, organizations can start building the habits of high-performing remote & distributed teams, all through improving asynchronous communication, encouraging daily check-ins, and offering a space for asynchronous collaborative discussions.

In simplest terms, with Complish, say goodbye to pointless meetings, and welcome more focused work that will allow your team to hit all their goals and objectives.


The leading application for remote computer access is a must-have. Whenever you need to help employees install or configure software, it’s indispensable. Remote access allows you to connect your computer to another device from almost anywhere.

It is useful for those who are often away from the office, need current corporate information, and want to have quick access to all servers and drives. TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote connection programs.

With its help, you can work on a remote desktop or show your desktop to your colleagues. The version for domestic use is free. In other cases, you need to buy a license for corporations.


When sales teams that were trained to meet customers in person had to move to remote appointments, they used screen sharing to complement their phone calls.

Screen sharing, which had previously been used by telesales teams, gave people trained in field sales an opportunity to hit the ground running without needing special training to adapt to the new normal.

CrankWheel’s screen sharing session has the advantage that salespeople are able to start a screen sharing session instantly while on a call without the prospect having to install anything and it works on any device.

It has a preview window that shows the salesperson what the prospect is focusing on to keep up engagement during the session.

It also comes with features that allow the presenter to give control over to the prospect, being able to connect within seconds to inbound leads and recording the session.


Dropbox is popular file storage that allows a team to collaborate on files and discuss changes in comments. An indispensable service when working remotely, where all the documents you need will be stored and synchronized instantly.

You can send files even to those who do not have a Dropbox account. Storage capacity can be expanded by inviting friends (500 MB for each user) or by buying the Pro version ($10 per month, up to 1TB), which provides even greater file management and collaboration capabilities.

The service has mobile and desktop applications.

Google Docs

This is a free text editor available to all Google users as well as businesses. Here, you can read, annotate, and edit text files, tables, and presentations together with your coworkers.

Files are stored in the cloud, on Google Drive, and users are allocated 17 GB of storage for free, but you can purchase more.

Microsoft Office 365

This is a tool for working with Outlook mail, OneDrive file storage, and Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams online.

This is a paid service: for ordinary users, it costs from $7 per month, for business – from $5 per user per month.

Rocket Chat

The most popular messenger with open source. It is suitable for everyone and is absolutely free. It is possible to adjust it to your company’s needs.


If you’re looking for time-tracking software with a desktop app, you should strongly consider TimeCamp. As an automatic time tracker, TimeCamp tracks your time and delivers accurate reports without distracting you from your work. It’s free and available on Windows, MacOS and Linux Ubuntu.


Noise muffling in any video calling application you can think of. What’s interesting, is that the technology is built on machine learning.


Originally, it was a program for gamers’ video calls, but it is also great as a corporate instant messenger. It is an analog of Slack, but with one feature – virtual meeting rooms.


Gusto is a modern online platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. With its help, you can calculate payroll, manage benefits, and support your team.

Time Management and Productivity


This is an online connector, a system that will help you link different services via API and set up data transfer between them. It is a kind of digital glue that brings different products together. The platform allows users to create integrations between different types of services. Among them are CRM, mailing and SMS services, quiz makers, social networks, CMS systems, marketplaces, project managers, payment systems, instant messengers, chat bots and other products.

To use the connector, there is no need for technical knowledge and skills, you do not have to write any code. In order to integrate two services, it is enough to link their accounts on the ApiX-Drive website and select the parameters for automatic data transfer. Integration setup is carried out in a simple interface with a lot of prompts – on average, this process takes up to 5 minutes.

To better understand how the service works, new users are provided with free trial access for 14 days.


SaveMyLeads is a service for automatically exporting data from Facebook to external systems: CRM, spreadsheets, instant messengers, project management systems, and so on.

The setup takes place on the SaveMyLeads website. In order for the service to start transmitting data, it is enough to connect your Facebook advertising account to the desired system and make a few simple settings: for example, specify the form and fields with the necessary information.

Immediately after connecting, SaveMyLeads starts constantly monitoring your Facebook advertising account for new leads. As soon as the next user leaves the data in the form, the service uploads them to the connected system.

The service offers several subscriptions that differ in cost and functionality. The more expensive the plan, the more features and fewer restrictions it offers.


This is a platform for the automation of routine processes. It provides hundreds of integrations, a 14-day trial period, and a free version. Zapier serves as a discreet guide between platforms while you are busy with more important tasks.


Calendly is a great app for in-house scheduling. It is often used by tech support for SaaS products or in online education.


One of the best time-tracking apps is Toggl. It has projects, labels, notes, different teams, and you can add a price of an hour too. All in all, it’s the perfect app for freelancers or remote workers, even though it suits companies of all sizes.


Many professions are suitable for working remotely. But remote employees should not remain isolated. They have to be integrated into the existing work environment and bring a clearly defined value to the company, helping you plan your days and weeks successful

We have tried to understand how to organize remote work as effectively as possible with the help of various services available online. Pay attention to all the possibilities these platforms can give the business, and you may want to integrate some of them into your processes.


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