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Rental Software to Launch an Online Rental Business in Malaysia

The incorporation of technology in traditional businesses has opened multiple opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Malaysia with its evergreen tourism industry has a continuous demand for online rentals in diverse niches including vacation, adventure gear, and so on.

Starting a rental business involves a complex process of managing inventory, tracking orders, accepting payments, and so on. All this requires a competent platform/website that takes care of all day-to-day rental operations. Such rental websites can be easily launched and managed using dedicated rental solutions.

In this article, we list out some renowned rental software in the market so that you can choose the one that meets your requirements

Why Do You Need Rental Software For Managing A Rental Business in Malaysia?

Efficient rental software helps in simplified operations, a smooth user experience, and reduced business expenses. Below is the list of other benefits associated with dedicated rental software.

Enhanced Accessibility

While rental websites built using website builders require additional third-party plugins to collect and analyze the data, rental software comes with built-in tools for easy access to crucial information. This saves a lot of time, which can be invested in other important tasks for the growth of the rental business.

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Expanding Through Vendor Storefronts

A rental software comes with functionalities to create multi-vendor storefronts with convenient dashboards for all stakeholders. This helps in expanding your rental business operations,  providing multiple options to customers, and adding an additional revenue stream as platform commission from vendors.

Lower Development Costs

Concerning the complexities involved in the rental process, a website development company can charge a huge amount of money. Further, timely maintenance and several other customizations add overhead costs. On the other hand, rental software are ready-made, require no development from start, and can be customized as per business requirements, saving a lot of money for business owners.

Easy To Manage

The rental websites created using rental software are easy to manage and require no technical expertise to make necessary changes. The admin of the website can single-handedly update the inventories, manage the orders, accept payments, and so on.

Selecting a Rental Software: Best Features To Look

Online rental businesses vary in complexities and workflows, therefore, the feature requirements in the rental software can be subjective.You can go through this essential features checklist before finalizing the rental software for your business in Malaysia:-

  • Agreement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Advanced Rental Security module
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multilingual And Multi-currency Support
  • Equipment Inspection And Tracking
  • Equipment comparison
  • Tiered Pricing And Price Surge Modules
  • Support For Multiple Revenue Channels

List Of Top Rental Software That Are Popular In Malaysia

1. YoRent

Yo!Rent is a globally recognized rental software to build and manage rental websites in multiple niches including boats, audio-video equipment, e-bike rental, heavy equipment, and many more. The software comes with built-in modules that help in managing all day-to-day rental operations with advanced dashboards.

The software builds fast, reliable, and secure rental websites that streamline the rental process to deliver a seamless user experience. Yo!Rent comes at a one-time price (can be requested through a quote), is self-hosted, and is highly customizable as per business requirements. Above all, the software also comes with an option for selling products online, which can be enabled anytime by the admin of the website.

2. Booqable

Booqable is another rental software that is capable of launching and managing rental websites through its advanced functionalities. The software comes with a monthly subscription starting from $299 per month. However, you can avail a free 14-day trial to test the market demand for your business idea.

Though Booqable is an efficient rental solution to start a rental website, its pricing is not suitable for new businesses as subscriptions can cost a lot of money over time. Also, this price goes higher as your rental website starts growing.

3. RentRax

RentRax is a SaaS-based rental software that builds websites for vacation rental businesses. The software solution has multiple features that help in managing a rental business but a few crucial features such as agreement management and advance rental security deposit are unavailable. The subscription charges for RentRax start from $479 per month. RentRax also provides mobile apps for customers.

4. EzRentOut

EZRentOut is a rental software dedicatedly built for equipment rental businesses. The software comes with rent-centric features such as bookings management, easy invoicing, customer and inventory management, and so on. EzRentOut is a SaaS-based solution and can be availed at a subscription, which can go up to $299 per month. Furthermore, the company also provides an additional 10% discount to the US 501(c)(3) organizations.

5. MaxRENTAL 5.0

MaxRENTAL 5.0 is a Malaysia-based rental software for equipment rental businesses.  With its efficient modules, the software helps equipment rental businesses maximize their revenue by minimizing equipment downtime. The software has multiple features to ease the rental workflow including rental contracts, invoice creation, inventory management, and many more. The software also comes with mobile apps for rental operations management


Competent rental software is the backbone of any rental business in this age of digitalization. So when selecting rental software for your business in Malaysia, self-hosted, white-label, and scalable options are most recommended by experts.

White-label rental software provides several benefits such as improved brand credibility, low maintenance requirements, scalable, and cost-effectiveness as well. Further, with proper planning and a competent rental platform to operate, a rental business idea can be turned into a profitable business opportunity.

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