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What You Need to Start a Resume Writing Service Business

Job seekers may have all the desired skills and qualities for a particular job but if their resumes don’t show them off in the right way, they won’t even get an interview.

Professional resume writers know how to make a resume stand out for all the right reasons. The demand for well-written resumes is high in both good and bad economic times and startup costs for a revenue writing service are fairly low.

Getting started

Starting a resume writing service requires many of the same steps as starting any other business, such as choosing a business name, deciding on a business type, and getting the necessary permits or licenses. Freelancing as a sole proprietor is a low-risk way to test out whether your business idea is viable or not.

If you want to keep your personal finances and business finances separate, an LLC is a better choice. For resume writing services, you are required to register the business for taxes and open a separate business bank account. You will need to decide how you will handle accounting for your business.

The skills you require

If you want to offer resume help, you will need to have the writing skills that can help you “sell” a candidate. A resume writer has to have a clear and concise style and needs to know all the latest resume writing conventions.

You will also need communication skills to speak with clients and find out, either virtually or in person, about their education, skills, work experience, certifications, and awards. You will then have to decide what information would be most valuable on a resume for employees who, for example, want to hire essay writer to create content for their businesses.. Producing error-free resumes is essential if you want to make a good impression on clients so you will also need proofreading skills.

Useful experience and professional development

You may not need any specific training but if you have experience in writing, human relations, recruiting, or related fields, a resume writing business could be a good fit. This experience helps you to understand how to get a hiring manager’s attention.

Resume writers running professional resume services need to keep focusing on their professional development. You may consider taking online classes, networking with other professionals, and attending conferences.

You could even decide to broaden your services over time by offering career counseling, writing cover letters, or letters of recommendation. Providing additional services could help you to maintain a steady flow of clients.

What type of resumes will you write?

You will need to decide whether you will write all types of resumes or work in a specific niche. If you’re too much of a generalist in your approach, you may battle to find clients but if you focus on a specific niche, you can target your market more directly.

You will need to research your competition before deciding on a niche. If you notice that major competitors target college students, you could focus on retirees wanting to get back into the job market or experienced job seekers who want to advance their careers.

Figure out your startup costs and pricing

If you know your startup costs and costs for the immediate future, you can decide how to price your services. Some costs to include in your budget include monthly internet services, a reliable computer, and office equipment if you don’t already have this, a monthly office lease if you’re not working from home, website creation, and hosting services.

If your prices are too high, they may be unaffordable for many and if they are too low, you won’t make enough to make ends meet. Correct pricing for your target market is essential for success.

Set up a client agreement

Don’t ever act as a bank for clients by giving services for which they delay payment. It is too easy to complete a resume in good faith and then not get paid at all. You need to set up a client agreement that clearly states your terms of payment. You may decide to request partial payment, full payment upfront, or payment on receipt of your invoice.

You also need to specify in the agreement how many revisions you will include in the price or it is too easy for scope creep to happen. A client agreement spells out all the details of your contract with the client and helps to prevent misunderstandings.

Market your business

Joining a professional organization and being added to a database of professional resume writers will increase awareness of your business. Creating a website and putting together a digital portfolio is another effective way to market as potential clients can see a proven body of work.

If you don’t have enough resumes for your portfolio, offer to write ones for family and friends at a reduced rate and use them. Start a blog giving people resume help and post on social media with a link to your website.


Providing revenue writing services can be a smart career choice, especially if you have good writing and communication skills. The startup costs don’t have to be too high and there are always job seekers needing resumes so the demand is constant.

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