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Retail Business Ideas with High Profit to Invest in After Graduation in 2022

The after-effects of Covid19 have left us all baffled. Of course, everyone is looking to invest their savings in retail businesses that will give large sums of profits in the short term.

But the major dilemma is what are good retail business ideas.

And along with that, the initial concern is always the investment. How much should you invest?

And probably everyone wants to start with low amounts initially. To test whether it will work out or not. 

Here we will discuss some of the ideas that will help you sort out the business that will be best suitable for you.

Along with that, for beginners, we will be explaining what actually retail business is and how it can help you. 

Let’s dive in to know about retail businesses! 

What is Retail Business?

retail store

When we see the word “retail,” the first thing that clicks in anyone’s mind is an online store. However, that’s not true.

Retail business is not only an online business. Instead, it is a pretty broad term that includes employing millions of people and generating large sums of revenues. 

In reality, Retail business means to sell goods to consumers. People who want to buy products for their own use and not sell them further, reach out to retail stores. 

Retail stores operate to provide merchandise to consumers. It is about attracting customers to a product by creating a need to buy it.

This can be done by placing the product in a physical store, displaying it online, or simply through a catalog. 

But this is not it; various things need to be considered while opening up a retail store. There are many retail business ideas one can go for.

The foremost thing is to build connections and have steady communication with the manufacturers, wholesalers, and, of course, the people to whom you would be selling the merchandise. 

A few things affect the retail businesses, including the customer’s behavior, economic conditions, and seasons- if there is a holiday, you are likely to sell more products than on regular days. 

There are different types of retail stores that provide services to customers with different needs. It is good to know about the types so at the end you will have an idea of what suits you best. 

Types Of Retailers For Retail Business Ideas 

banner about retail

Thereof categories to divide retailers into in-store and non-store retailers.

Further, the main categories are discussed below:

Departmental Stores

These types of retail stores are mostly known because of the fact that they provide a variety of different products at different rates. So, for example, if you are out there to buy shampoo, you can easily select one according to your budget and preference. 

Specialty Stores

Those looking for a specific type of product can head over to a specialty store. These stores mostly keep a narrow product line, for example, specific gender clothing or sports goods, or maybe a costume store.

People who don’t care about the budget are mostly customers of such stores. 


One of the most running types of retail stores is supermarkets. These markets are large stores that are divided into departments. Everything in these stores is self-service.

They usually store food and non-food-related items. Things that are of high priority in these stores are the product assortment. It helps the consumer find things easily and the store to sell the products faster. 

Convenience Stores

These stores have a relatively small inventory than other markets as they are located in residential areas. These are primarily to provide convenience, as the name says.

The price of products in such stores is mostly higher than the regular stores due to the convenience factor. 

Discount Stores 

Discount stores usually offer products at discounted rates more than other stores. This is because these stores have low rates and high-profit margins. 


These stores are more significant than superstores and have more variety as well. You won’t find them in malls as they are generally built on the size of the malls themselves.

Costco is one example that comes to mind when talking about hypermarkets. 

Warehouse Stores 

Warehouses stock limited products and sell them in bulk at retail discounted prices. Their unique selling point is the lower rates that attract the customers most of the time. 

E-Commerce Stores 

These kinds of stores are rapidly taking over the world. Especially sales of e-commerce have increased heavily after the 2019 pandemic. And why is that?

That is because these stores are online stores. You can select things online from a website, add them to your cart and get them delivered. They save your time and energy and most of all the fuel cost as well.

We have some amazing retail business ideas of this type; keep on reading!  

Dollar Stores 

Just as the name suggests, these stores have fixed prices and sell everything at a dollar rate. So no matter what you buy, it costs you a dollar. 

Drug Stores 

Drug stores are one of the stores that earned a lot during the pandemic. And still, keep on doing because of the necessity.

These stores have medicines and all other products recommended by doctors for different medical issues. 

Retail Business Ideas that are Profitable with Low Investmentsmall shop

Now that you have an understanding of what retail business is and what the types are. It will be easier for you to decide what retail business idea will be profitable for you.

So, let’s dive in to get some ideas so you can utilize your entrepreneurial skills to the maximum. These ideas are exciting and will require low investments. 

Thrift Store

After the production of different documentaries in recent; on the trending topic of fashion waste; people are becoming more eco-friendly.

Hence, environment cautious people are leaning towards thrift these days for everything: clothes, shoes, or even furniture. 

Opening a thrift store is a cute retail business idea that takes low investment to set up a store. And with social media platforms these days, it is even easier to do so.

If you are not ready to have a physical store, you can start with a normally built e-commerce website on free platforms like Wix and WordPress. 

Thrift stores have second-hand inventories, also trending as pre-loved items. These products are usually acquired from donations or low-price merchandise.

The target audience for these stores is mostly middle-class people and eco-friendly people.  

Stationery and Bookstore

No matter whether we live in a world where we read books on Kindle. And use our cell phones to note down things. Hardcover books and stationery will never go out of fashion.

Hence, opening stationery and bookstores will serve perfectly as retail business ideas.

Offices and schools always require papers and other related stuff for documentation. And book fanatics always prefer hardcovers over PDF books. So it can be a good idea to have a small physical store and put up promotions in the starting to attract customers.

But don’t stay unrecognized. You can always put together a cute-looking and fancy Instagram page for your business. An online presence will get you more customers. 

When you have a presence, you can always add different stuff to the store inventory for variety. In addition, it can serve as an excellent start to trying out your entrepreneurial skills. 

Sports Shop

If you are a sporty person and have knowledge on the sports goods. Opening up a sports shop can be a good retail business idea.

However, for this business, you will require a little more investment than other businesses. These kinds of shops need to have an entire inventory all the time. 

Sports is a very vast field, in the near future you can expand your business in other directions as well. Along with sports goods, you can provide other services as well. 

Initial steps to start a business would be to conduct a market survey and look for sports you are most interested in. Next, it is necessary for the owner to have knowledge about the things they want to sell to their customers. 

Perfume Stores

Either men’s or women’s perfume games are strong when it comes to gifts, which makes perfume stores perfect retail business ideas. With a little interest in the scent business, you can make a great profit margin from this business.

In addition, opening a store in a mall will give you good exposure. 

You can keep both local and imported perfumes. Be creative and develop attractive offers that will lure the customers in. And later, when you have generated enough profit and mastered the perfumes niche.

You can also try and play around with the scents and start up your own line. It will be worth it! 

Mobile Store

If there is anyone whose business is booming these days, it’s mobile stores. Opening a cellphone store requires a moderate amount of investment.

And we all know, mobile which was once a luxury is now a commodity. Young or adults, everyone needs a phone these days. 

And along with the phone, you can add more stuff to the inventory, like mobile accessories. It will cost you relatively lower investment and higher profit.

However, the profit highly depends on the brands that you sell in your store. With a little research, you will be good to go. 

All retail business ideas are bound to work out if you put in the right effort. Understanding the business line to open a mobile store will help a lot. 

Kids Store

One of the biggest attractions for everyone when shopping is kids’ stuff. People never compromise on stuff that is related to kids. Whether it is clothes or shoes, or even toys, they look out for the best things regardless of the price. 

Here is one of the retail business ideas for you. Open a kids’ store. This kids’ store can have everything from wearables to eatables to toys.

And these days you don’t even need to have a physical store. So this can be utilized as a good e-commerce idea as well. 

IT Hardware Store

Technology is making advancements with every passing day. No matter if it’s a phone, laptop, or any other device. There are newer and better versions coming out in the market regularly.

People don’t leave any chance to upgrade their technological devices to advanced versions. 

It is one of the most booming industries that won’t stop growing. However, it can be a little challenging as you must stay updated with emerging technologies.

As these items have a shorter shelf life, stocking them for a longer period can result in loss. 

Grocery Store

Entering into a grocery business would prove to be a good retail business idea, specifically for people who are not very tech-savvy or knowledgable about other things.

The best part would be with the low investment, you can initiate it online and accept credit card payments for deliveries. Or open a little store in a residential area. 

You are likely to gain profit in areas where shops are not nearby. Therefore, it can be utilized as the best small town business idea because it will be required in such places more than a fully-equipped central city. 

Customized Gift Shops

People these days like to add a personal touch to their gifts. But in the meanwhile, they don’t have much time on their hands either.

So here is where you can come into action. It is one of the best retail business ideas for people who are looking for home retail business ideas

You can open up a customized gift shop and sell handmade gifts. This business does require hard work and dedication, but the turnover is also good. 

Cosmetic Store

Women know what other women want more than men. If you are a girl and looking to start up a small business that is also from your home. It will be best to go to a cosmetic store.

You can deal with branded and non-branded cosmetics to help you with a more extensive clientele. Women on a budget would be able to purchase from your store as well. 

But in the longer run, it would be advisable to deal in branded cosmetics, to have higher turnover. You can also add other lady items to your store as well. 

However,  like tech devices, cosmetics also have a short shelf life. Therefore, you will have to make sure to clean the inventory before the items expire and cause you unnecessary loss. 

The Auto Spare Parts Store

These can be good retail business ideas of all if you can afford a place in the middle of the city. Or somewhere where there is a lot of hustle-bustle.

Because in an auto parts spare shop location is a vital aspect. 

People with automobiles need different spare parts all the time to fix their cars or upgrade them. And this business provides large sums of turnover. 

Fashion Jewellery

Ever seen a woman go out without wearing jewelry. We don’t think so. Just like cosmetics jewelry is essential for them as well. Keeping low to moderate cost of jewelry can win you a lot of customers. 

For this, you can use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to stay on top of the ongoing trends. And also, there, you will find inspiration for handmade jewelry if you are thinking of that. 

Flower Shop 

If you are thinking, “what kind of business should I start?”. This is the idea for you. For this, you don’t require any specific set of skills, just a little bit of creativity.

Starting a retail business in this domain can be quite profitable. With unique ideas, you can attract your customers. 

The only heavy expense you will have to take care of will be buying a cooler for the flowers to keep them fresh and scented. 

Garments Store

One of the most quickly selling items worldwide is garments- especially for women and kids. So it will be a great idea to open up a garment store either in a mall or in the main city both the locations will work out pretty well. This business stays on top all around the year. 

And with seasonal sales, you can up your game. These are the retail business ideas that can help you generate a good turnover quickly with the right marketing strategies

Ice Cream Shop

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Winter or summer- people love to cherish their taste buds with delicious cold ice cream. Do we need to tell more about this? 

Getting a franchise of branded ice cream can do wonders for you. Along with the ice cream, you can add chilled shakes and juices, and other sweet items. The only thing you will have to take care of will be the taste and the quality. 

Medical Store

The medical store is essential in every place, whether it is a small town or big city. You can’t go wrong with these retail business ideas.

And if you are looking for good profits, it can be one of the most lucrative businesses when opened near a hospital or a clinic. 

Just make sure the medicines have a good shelf life when you sell them. 

Organic Food Store

Just like people reaching out for eco-friendly things. People are turning towards organic stuff. This is because there has been a shift in lifestyle lately.

People prefer eating organic stuff rather than purchasing from big brands as they become health-conscious. So the demand for organic stuff is increasing day by day. 

You can open up an organic food store where you can put everything organic. The investment is quite low as well. 

Pet Store

People love their pets more than humans these days. If you are looking for retail business ideas that will bring you closer to people.

This will help you out in achieving that goal. These days, there are many things that you can find in the market to attract customers. 

Pet lovers are ready to buy amazing stuff for their pets, from clothes to accessories. Moreover adding pet food to the store can bring in good profit. 

Sweets and Snacks Bar

Anything related to food; you can find under the list of top retail business ideas. You think you are good at baking. It’s time for you to cash out this skill and make some money.

Opening a cute little Sweets and snacks bar with an aesthetic interior can send you trending on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Tattoo Parlor

Opening up a tattoo parlor can be a bit of a hassle. A few things need to be considered, such as the hygiene of all the customers.

Also, staying updated all the time with what’s trending in the market can be tough. Remember, creativity is one of the key parts when it comes to opening up a tattoo parlor – if you lack that, this one is not for you. 

But if you get the hang of this field, you will be making more money than you have ever dreamt of because people love to spend on their tattoos. Every tattoo for them is an emotion and a story.

So you better not mess it up. 

Tours and Travel Organizer

Anyone who has traveled a lot or knows in-depth about traveling destinations. This is the most beneficial idea for them. All you need to invest in will be an aesthetic office to lure your customers in. 

You will be required to organize international tours and short domestic trips. People usually rely on their travel agents to book flight tickets and arrange hotels.

So if you have a client who relies on your services, he will definitely be coming back for more. 

Bonus: Top Reasons to Start A Retail Business

Anyone can be nervous about opening a retail store. To begin, you usually agree to pay the lease for at least 12 months at a time. However, if your retail industry fails terribly, that’s a significant sum of money. 

Moreover, you must also consider things that wouldn’t matter in an online-only presence. These include recruiting workers and acquiring cash registers.

According to Inc., the owner of one small secondhand shop spent around $30,000 on starting expenditures in the first year. Yet, it varies greatly depending on the types of retailers, any operating costs, and even the size and location of the establishment.

Nevertheless, if you are still confused about opening your dream grocery store, we’ll try to motivate you.

Growth Opportunities

The National Retail Federation (NRF) claims that over 1 million shops in the US have annual retail sales increasing by four percent. Therefore, whatever sort of store you want to open, there is almost certainly a sector you can cover that no one else can. 

Moreover, examine what the rivals in your region excel at and where they fall short.  

Next, consider offering something unique, such as customization or a subtly different product. This difference will be your selling factor and create a successful business.

Invest in Your Passion

People are drawn to enterprises with a mission. Hence, determine your passion and consider how your shop may contribute to a cause. For instance, if you want to help single mothers, you may open a baby supply business and contribute a portion of the profits to a local women’s shelter. 

On the other hand, you might set up donation thrift stores where individuals may donate their gently used equipment. Also, consider how you can develop a living while simultaneously assisting others, and your store will thrive in your neighborhood.

Getting into the Physical Shopping Experience

Approximately 99 percent of customers in the United States said they had shopped at a retail store in the previous year. Plus, even while internet shopping is becoming more popular, it still accounts for roughly ten percent of the total retail sales. 

Thus, a retail store will bring, additional consumers, to your neighborhood.

Increase Local Vacancies

Small firms employ around 47.3 percent of all laborers or 59.9 million individuals. Consequently, when you create a business in your town, you’re also providing jobs for your neighbors. 

Plus, you’re not only providing a way for yourself to create a livelihood, but you’re also assisting others. 

Hence, you can give back to society by sponsoring local kids’ sports leagues and assisting local organizations as you make a profit.

Less Competition

Anyone from any nation who wants to run a digital business can join the online marketplace. Your local town, on the other hand, may have significantly less rivalry for consumer money.

Thus, it’s possible that there aren’t any other establishments like yours, or that there is only a handful. Moreover, you may even select a location where there aren’t any other people to reduce competition even further.

Catch Your Dream

This is a fantastic year to launch your first retail location. Therefore, investigate the best commercial rent pricing in the region, as well as the amount of foot traffic you may expect. Next, check your potential competitors as well. 

Furthermore, if you’re on a low budget, explore other options such as pop-up stores and kiosks. With a little forethought, you ought to be able to create a retail shop and be successful this year.


With a little determination and hard work, you can have your own little business. These are retail business ideas that have been looked upon carefully.

Many people are working in these niches according to their preferences: online and physically. 

Whether you go for a physical store or an online store, our advice would be to do detailed market research.

Look for things you are good at and test the waters first before putting in the whole foot.

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