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Riley; Your Personal Real Estate Assistant is Just an SMS Away

With the internet boom, the online real estate gained a huge momentum, whereby people found it a highly convenient way to search property online. The mobile apps took it further by letting users to do the same right from their smartphone. but what a non smartphone user should do, or even if I am smartphone user, searching and filtering the desired property is hell time consuming!

We all want simplest ways to do things; let it be buying a meal or buying a house, we want as much ease as possible.

Despite the fact that it’s the “apps economy” in the smartphone world, SMS is still the most convenient and affordable mode of communication. People use SMS more than any other app. It’s simple, it’s easy and above all it doesn’t just need anything to be downloaded!

Then, why not to search property with SMS!

text messaging riley

Yes, that’s possible with Riley, an SMS solution which works just like you personal real estate assistant. All you need to do is to text at (740) 478 4021. Start a conversation, specify a criteria for the property you are looking for and it will send you perfect homes that match your specifications. To take the process further, it will arrange your meeting with the seller/agent.

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It takes not more than 5 minutes in conversation with Riley and they get back to you with the best possible options for you within 24 hours.

The best thing about Riley is that it’s 100% free for people looking to buy or rent homes. Listing a property with Riley is also free.

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The question that everyone will have in mind is “If it’s all free, how Riley makes money?

Well, they have various moving companies, storage facilities, cleaners, etc onboard whom they charge whenever a Riley user request them. As a fact of the matter, whenever someone moves into a new house, they need almost all of these services and it’s most convenient to get one through Riley.

Riley in Their Own Words:

Riley is a personal assistant for real estate via text messaging. Users text 740-478-4021 to find their next home. Riley uses a combination of user input and big data to provide users with the most personalized listings, leading to increased conversion rates and lower vacancies for realtors and property owners.

What Brings Riley to the Spotlight:

The optimum use of SMS in the app economy!

Riley Website: https://www.textriley.com/

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.