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Tools That Can Help You Rise the Ranks of eSports Influencers

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The popularity of esports has exploded over the past few years in the United States and all over the world, which has created a thriving online community full of famous personalities.

Streaming websites like Twitch have also enabled those who play esports to develop an audience outside of competition and build a brand for themselves. This enables players to make money and raise their profile outside of the competition.

However, it’s hard to know what the best areas of focus are for someone new to the industry and starting to find success.

If you’re in the esports world or hoping to get involved, keep reading to learn more about some tools that can help you rise in the ranks of esports influencers.

What Does It Mean to Be an eSports Influencer?

Before you start to devise a plan for success, it’s important that you understand what it means to be an esports influencer. In order to develop credibility within the community, you should have success in the competitive scene first.

However, many players who don’t have a great deal of skill can become successful influencers, but typically that requires a strong investment in social media and a compelling personality.

Twitch and YouTube are some of the best places to game in your spare time if you want to reach your target audience and acquire repeat viewers.

You should also focus on making connections with brands and companies that you may be able to collaborate with or who can provide products for giveaways. These are two of the most reliable ways to draw in new viewers.

How Can You Become More Successful as an Influencer?

Becoming a successful influencer involves a lot of work. Social media can be one of your best tools for advertising yourself and connecting with fans, so it’s essential to have an account on all the major platforms.

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If you have a website, you should look into SEO and think about how it can benefit you. Having your website or blog show up high in the results when people use search engines can make a big difference.

Quality equipment is also a must for anyone looking to broaden their audience. The best gaming TV, a modern and powerful PC, and a high-speed internet connection are all but requirements if you want to make it in the esports world.

When it comes to a TV, frame rate, picture quality, and sound quality should always be top priorities. One option is a 4K UHD TVs, which is considered better for gaming than the options available a few years ago.

Some of the better options on the market right now are the LG CX Oled TV and the Samsung Q8OT QLED.

Professional help can also make a huge difference in a competitive industry with many people vying for attention from the same audience.

Consider working with a marketing coach who can help you come up with a marketing plan to get where you want to go.

Companies use coaches to help maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and advertising, in addition to helping them make connections and develop better business practices.

Their years of experience with market trends can provide you with valuable information to help you reach your target market. You should look at your esports career like it’s a business.

If you want to work in esports, even as an influencer, you need to treat it as you would any other career. That means putting money and time into your business through creative marketing and participating in relevant competitions and entertainment events.

It’s also essential that you have access to the latest equipment. If you’re streaming, your equipment will also make a meaningful difference in how your broadcast looks and sounds.


Streamers with high-quality audio and video tend to attract larger and more consistent viewership.

While it isn’t easy to build the profile and find the audience necessary to be a successful influencer, it can be done if you take your work seriously and invest in yourself.


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