Rise of Female Entrepreneurship in the UK

United Kingdom is probably one of the best countries in the world to start and run a small business and this is why we have been witnessing a significant increase in entrepreneurship in recent years.

Stable market, healthy competition, the opportunity to start a business, and human capital are the key areas of entrepreneurial strength in the UK. According to Startup Britain, there were about 500,000 new businesses created only in 2014.

The entrepreneurial grounds in the UK are getting better every year, but most exciting observation is that the number of women in business is increasing day by day and the expected 490 million women entrepreneurs by 2020 (around the world) doesn’t seem to be that far now!

In this connection, I was trying to find the details about women entrepreneurs by country when I found this very interesting infographic about women entrepreneurs in the UK.

Although the stats are a few years older, but the motivation these stats bring into women makes it worth sharing. I myself was amazed to see the changing trends in the UK business scenario with women involvement. Let’s check it out in detail and see the full picture.

women entrepreneurs in the uk

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