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Best Road Trip Destinations Around the US

When a person plans a trip to the USA, they can find it difficult to choose a destination, especially if there isn’t that much time. Firstly, the US is a huge country, secondly, there are a lot of interesting places that excite a traveler.

It is important to plan your trip thoroughly if you want to make the best of it. Most importantly, a traveler has to choose their means of transport. Even though planes are the fastest, those eager to experience the country to its fullest should choose to rent a car.

Traveling on the road makes it possible to visit different places, not just cities with airports. Besides, cars give people more leeway down the road if they want to change the schedule and make some extra stops, or stay somewhere longer.

Deciding on the Route

Choosing where to go in the USA on a trip will be a no-brainer if you have a car at your disposal, whether you rent it or borrow from a friend. The most obvious choice is to travel around one state or a couple of neighboring ones.

For example, arriving at Chicago airport, you can visit all the landmarks of Illinois i.e. Lincoln’s New Salem, Starved Rock State Park, Springfield, etc. Choosing to visit the best places in Illinois is a great way to learn about culture and history as well as to experience it firsthand.

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It doesn’t matter which state you choose, as long as you spend some time exploring local landmarks. If you are more adventurous you can head to Alaska, rent a car there and discover the local wildness. Otherwise, if you are looking for more traditional American adventure, you can drive south and visit Texas.

Going Conventional

The other way to go is a cross-country trip. You can choose to go from east to west, following the legendary Route 66, the first motorway that crossed the country from east to west as opposed to the usual from north to south.

Besides, it was the road that many people took in search of better lives and opportunities.  But if you are not a history buff, you can choose to visit multiple state capitals. Planning the trip along the west coast sounds quite enticing.

Starting in Olimpia, WA, through Salem, OR, all the way to Sacramento, CA, seems to be the way to go.

All these cities have a lot of entertainment to offer for people with different interests. But if you don’t find this option fascinating, you can always resort to traveling along the coast of the Pacific ocean down the Pacific Coast Highway.

It has amazing views of the ocean and gives you an opportunity to visit some spectacular places along the way and maybe even make some stops at different beaches.

mountain view by the sea

For the Young and the Restless

The destination as well the route may vary according to travelers. Those under 25 may find Las Vegas and Los Angeles worthy, whereas families with kids, may head south to Florida.

Both in Californian and in Florida you can find theme parks, which are a great way to add some thrill to your trip. Disneyland Park is an attraction for people of all ages, but mostly for young travelers.

Once you rent a car, do make a point of going to a theme park, as far as it is the best addition to any other destination that you may have in mind. Driving makes it possible to plan an itinerary that would satisfy all the needs of any group member.

If you’re under 25 do keep in mind that different companies have different rules regarding car rental under 25.  A young driver should make sure to check them before embarking on the road.

Getting Close to Nature

Some of the most popular attractions in the US are the national parks including, but not limited to:

  • Yellowstone
  • Arches
  • Big Bend
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Great Sand Dunes

It’s an excellent opportunity to take in the sights while exploring the country. Moreover, it is suitable for both outdoorsy people and those who stick to their comfort zone. Most national parks have walking trails of different degrees of difficulty, so hikers can find something to their liking.

You can drive up to the park and take a stroll to enjoy nature and the wilderness. You may even encounter some animals on your way, even if you don’t, it’s still a great adventure to add to your experience and travel logbook.

a front view of a beach resort

Exploring the Fun Way

The most fun way to plan a road trip is following the one taken by a character in your favorite movie or series. For example, in the film Vacation (2015), a family travels to a theme park through the whole country, making some stops along the way.

It is also fun to explore cities by trying to find locations that were chosen for filming your favorite movie or series.

New York is a treasure for these places as far as many films and series were set there. It doesn’t matter if you are a film aficionado, or you aren’t a keen film fan, it’s still interesting to hunt for those places, once visited by stars.

Otherwise, you may rent a car and see where the road takes you. By choosing to stop in small towns on the way, people discover hidden gems of the US.

The beauty of a road trip and car rental is the independence it gives to travel in terms of locations visited and time spent in any of them. It is a beautiful sense of adventure mixed with rebellious exploration when you get to discover a country on your own terms.

So, be a bit adventurous, choose a destination or multiple once, rent a car and map your way through the US.


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