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How To Plan a Perfect Roadmap to a Virtual Event?    

The global pandemic introduced people to the other side of the digital business world. Virtual meetings and events have taken the internet by storm.

How To Plan a Perfect Roadmap to a Virtual Event?    

The technology offers you a wide range of virtual event platforms to run an online event or a conference. Running a successful digital show is not a piece of cake. You can find the best virtual ebook that can help you to organize an online event.

Steps To Plan a Successful Virtual Event

 According to reports, around 75 percent of digital marketers plan to run virtual events for the long term.

You may be one of them but encounter many challenges while hosting a virtual event.  Using the right tips and tricks can ensure its success.

Here are the steps to plan the perfect roadmap for your event.

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Step 1: Research and Plan

It is the first step you’ll find in a virtual ebook. To host any event, you should have a basic plan. Gather some ideas and content for your online show.

A virtual event research planning session should answer questions like:

  • What do you wish to deliver via this online show?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What do the end-users want, and how best can you help them?
  • Does everyone involved in the presentation have a clear idea about their roles and responsibilities?

Analyzing audience behavior with surveys and discussion forums helps you know their likes and dislikes. It makes it easier to customize your event to suit their needs.

You should schedule your show depending on the availability and timings of your participants. It ensures maximum participation.

To make the whole planning process easier you should use an event management platform like EventMobi to streamline everything.

Preparing a flowchart and mind maps can help allocate tasks to your team members and prepare them before getting on board.

Step 2: Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

An online event can host as little as ten people or as many as thousands of participants. It is imperative to select the best video conferencing tools according to your budget.

Your virtual event can be streamed live or sent across as a recorded version. You can select different software platforms for any video conference.

Some of the features of a best video conference platform are:

  • Easy to install and user-friendly options
  • Live streaming or recording options
  • Multiple webcam capabilities
  • Screen sharing
  • Interactive features like chatting, microphone-enabled, or polling options

Step 3: Choose the Best Host or Speaker for Your Event

Hiring a professional speaker or an emcee is important to gauge the interests of your participants. It is vital to select a presenter who has in-depth knowledge on the subject, excellent communication skills, and the ability to answer the questions of the audience.

A confident host will have the power to keep the participants glued to their seats throughout the entire event.

Step 4: Choose the Best Promotion Strategy

Strategic marketing and promotion techniques are important to turn any event into a productive one. In digital shows, social media platforms play a major role in grabbing the right eyeballs.

Advertising on various digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can help you reach a wider audience.

Sending out promotional newsletters and emails can help to get maximum user attendance for an online event. You can also send reminders to the participants before the event. It makes sure that they do not forget and miss the event.

Step 5: Make the Show Vibrant and Interactive

Engaging the audience by prompting them to ask questions during the session is the best way to make the event interactive and informative. Using colorful images, charts, and video clips can help people get a clear idea of your product or brand.


It is necessary to get feedback from your online participants. You can send templated survey questions and rate their responses. It helps you prepare better for the next online event in your planner.


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