Rook; the World’s First Fly-From-Anywhere Home Drone by Eighty Nine Robotics

Commercial drones are doing successful business, but not all of them are easy to use.  The drone flight requires lot of time to master the flight controls and an open space. But most importantly, they all have a range for operation, i.e. if your drone is out of range, you lose the control! That’s the reason, so far the drones are limited for entertainment purpose and are not being used by everyday consumers.

Eighty Nine Robotics has identified this core problem and has come up with Rook; world’s first fly-from-anywhere indoor drone. Yes, an easy to use drone for indoor flight routines.

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By connecting to the Internet, Rook allows you to control and view the camera stream from your phone in real-time. It’s simple; connect Rook to your home Wi-Fi network, and use it as flying security camera, sensing device integrated into your smarthome suite, pet monitor or baby/nanny/family cam or maybe a quick video tour of your home.


It’s certainly an amazing innovation and can contribute not just in making drones more useful for everyday use, but can also help various businesses like real estate and educational setups, etc.

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Rook is expected to be in the market by December 2016, so do pre-order if you want to enjoy some early bird discount. Though the amazing innovation at amazing price ($99 offer at Indiegogo) is all claimed, but you can still avail another great deal, i.e. $129 offer which includes free shipping.

The basic free package will allow you to stream video from Rook but a lot more features will be there in premium paid plans, i.e. security analytics, multi-user access, and triggered routines running on the cloud etc.

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Eighty Nine Robotics in Their Own Words:

We make Rook, the world’s first fly-from-anywhere indoor drone. Rook connects to the Internet and streams video/controls from your phone. This means that Rook can be used as a flying security camera, a smarthome suite add-on, a remote tourism/real estate device, and more.

Rook is our flagship product. As a robotics electronics/software startup, we hope to ship more awesome things that delight customers in the coming years.

What Brings Eighty Nine Robotics to the Spotlight:

Existing drones are of no use when out of range, but you can operate Rook from anywhere and get the video streamed through the cloud.

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