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Health and Safety Benefits of Strip Curtains

Your employees’ health and safety whilst working on your premises should be a priority for any business owner. But how can you be sure that you are protecting your workforce?

You are duty-bound to protect employees from excessive noise, extreme temperatures, working machinery, and potentially harmful bacteria whilst they carry out their duties.

You must also ensure that harmful bacteria aren’t transferred around your premises and that sensitive products are not compromised by doors left open or wide temperature and atmospheric fluctuations.

Of course, it isn’t always practical to keep these areas separated by doors or build walls to help. Even if possible, the interruption to workflow or available space can be an issue for many businesses.

Legalities of Health and Safety Protection

The Health and Safety at Work Act sets out the legal expectations that must be complied with for workplace safety. PVC strip curtains, such as those offered by Strip Curtains Direct, are one way that you can overcome many of the issues we mention.

Their flexibility and specialist features to deal with many health and safety aspects without interrupting workflow and work safety and are often a preferred solution to more solid barriers.

Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains offer the ideal solution to provide a workplace that supports employees by providing a suitable and safe atmosphere. They also offer many other health and safety benefits, which we look at in more detail below.

Noise Pollution


and many working atmospheres have noise levels that can be dangerous to neighboring operations. This is distracting, but it can also negatively affect employee wellbeing and reduce productivity, which costs the company money. Installing PVC strip curtains to isolate the noisy areas will reduce the noise that penetrates to other regions.

Clear Visibility 

Choosing transparent PVC curtains will help prevent accidents and collisions from machinery or people entering or leaving the area; danger can be assessed before entry.

Two-Way Easy Access 

PVC strip curtains allow machinery and people to move freely without hindrance between areas. Workflow is not interrupted, and hands are not needed to open them to pass through. They close quickly after, meaning no loss of productivity or extended open periods.

Temperature Control 

Whether you are looking to keep cold in or out, PVC strip curtains help maintain the temperature within the enclosed area. They can be used to protect chilled environments from neighboring ambient temperatures.

They work equally well to keep premises from overheating with control over the amount of natural light entering possible.

PVC curtains are available in standard grade suitable for most applications, with polar grade suited to cold storage applications to prevent unwanted temperature changes as workers and products pass through.

You are expected to maintain a suitable working temperature for those exposed to temperature extremes or provide appropriate protection.

PVC strip curtains will not only protect your chilled goods, but they can also reduce the need for high levels of protective clothing for some workers.

Anti-microbial Properties 

PVC curtains are available specifically to reduce the growth and transfer of harmful bacteria. Food processing, manufacturing, and medical facilities benefit as they can break the chain of infection.

Defined Workspaces

PVC strip curtains can define workspace and isolate machinery without the need for a solid or potentially obstructive barrier. They can be used to define equipment, goods or heavy traffic areas, or machinery that is noisy or harmful to neighboring occupants, such as welding curtains that offer flame retardant protection.

PVC curtain installations will help you demonstrate your consideration for your workforce’s safety, showing you are aware of potential dangers and have procedures and equipment in place to mitigate risk.

PVC strip curtains are an economical, low maintenance, hardwearing and tidy solution to many of the most common workplace health and safety issues affecting your workforce. Staff can go about their work without stress from excess noise, neighboring machinery danger, temperature fluctuation, and the good news extend to the energy savings you benefit from.

There’s certainly a case for many businesses to bring the benefits of strip curtains into the workplace to help with health and safety and more besides.


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