Einstein Activity Capture
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Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture: How Does It Work?

Salesforce has a wide range of tools that can be integrated with it to boost productivity. CRM is one of the top technology investments that organizations can make. It features a wide range of integration capabilities with other marketing and sales technologies such as CMS, emails, and calendars. 

One of the powerful productivity-boosting tools integrated with Salesforce is Einstein activity capture. Its work is to capture data generated from email tools and calendars. It keeps data updated across calendar and email applications. It syncs contacts, emails, and events. 

What Is Einstein Activity Capture?

Einstein Activity Capture is a Salesforce tool that enables users to sync contacts, emails, and calendars across Salesforce tools, Gmail, and Outlook. It is a productivity improvement tool that updates data between email tools and Salesforce automatically. 

Its search feature is powered by Lightning Experience to allow users to search a variety of items. Einstein activity capture integrates AI and machine learning to allow Salesforce machine learning capabilities, predictive analysis, and Natural language processing abilities. One of its shortcomings is that it does not have synchronization options because it lacks flexibility. 

If a company is looking for an option with greater flexibility, the Revenue Grid data capture is a good option. It features a range of differences with Einstein activity capture. Users can check the differences at https://revenuegrid.com/platform/einstein-activity-capture-vs-revenue-grid/.

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How Does Einstein Activity Capture Work?

To get its maximum benefits, it is important to understand how the tool works. The tool integrates Gmail and Outlook and takes control of all their data. Once it is integrated, it starts logging emails, calendar events, and contacts associated with either Outlook or Gmail. How Einstein activity captures work is a major question asked by Salesforce users. This is how it keeps data updated. 

  • Contacts: Einstein activity captures and syncs contacts across Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook accounts. It moves them from the signed-in account and avails them into Salesforce. 
  • Emails: Einstein captures all emails sent from the user email account and all received emails. It updates them in the user’s activity timeline in Salesforce. The tool classifies all email communication based on leads, opportunities, and quote records and generates insights. 
  • Events: Based on Salesforce settings, Einstein activity captures and syncs calendar events between Gmail accounts and Salesforce. The activities are updated in the user’s timeline and provide users with reminders, sales opportunities, and insights. The insights include leads, contacts, and personal accounts. 

What Are The Alternatives For Einstein Activity Capture?

Recently, Salesforce removed Lightning Sync from being an independent solution and made it an Einstein feature. The action denied organizations more control of Einstein activity capture. It has several limitations for users, such as a lack of data control capabilities and a lack of customizations. 

Many Einstein users have security concerns because their data is stored in an AWS server to which users do not have access. Salesforce Einstein activity capture is useful when organizations want to leverage analytics and business intelligence. It updates all Gmail and Outlook data in the Salesforce user activity line. It also features a variety of dashboards for organizing data. 

The tool provides insights into the next actions, but Einstein is not the ideal tool when organizations need more control and flexibility. The tool’s data is not permanent and expires in 6 months for Gmail and 2 years for Outlook. Organizations need a better alternative to Einstein activity capture to perform more tasks and get greater control. 

One of the better alternatives to Einstein activity capture is Revenue Grid. Unlike Einstein, Revenue Grid gives you a variety of benefits. Einstein’s data is stored in third-party storage and is not accessed in standard Salesforce reporting, which hinders organizations from creating reports in Salesforce. Revenue Grid’s captured data is stored in Salesforce to allow reporting. Revenue Grid Salesforce data is never lost, and users get full control of their data. It has both options – to deploy on-premises or in the private cloud. 


Einstein activity capture is a powerful productivity-boosting tool that is integrated with Salesforce. It syncs contacts, emails, and events from email tools to Salesforce. The tool has various limitations, which prompt organizations to seek a better alternative such as Revenue Grid. 

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