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Big Savings on Complete Living Room Sets

One of the greatest parts about moving to a new home is designing a space to make it yours. You don’t want to bring in old furniture that doesn’t match the feel of your new surroundings.

When adding your personal touch to the home, the best place to start is the living room. The family spends loads of shared time there, and it’s often the destination room for guests.

Because the space is so lived in, you want furniture that will function according to the family’s everyday lifestyle needs. You also want comfortable, fashionable pieces that wow your visitors. It’s all about style meeting function.

Budget Is a Major Concern for Most Customers

Many don’t believe they can design the living room they’ve always wanted because it’s too expensive.

This thought is untrue and fueled by the traditional furniture retailers who want to maintain their wide profit margins.

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Well, shopping online has dispelled many of the inconsistencies consumers have been experienced over the years with brick-and-mortar locations. The advantages for the customer are numerous.

For one, shopping online gives you access to living room sets retailers can’t carry because of storage limitations. You are also more likely to find a wider selection of color options for the living room set that catches your interest.

And the best part about finding furniture online is the discounted prices you’ll find at 1Stop Bedrooms.

As you browse, you’ll notice the low costs on all sets, some with discounts totaling 75% off a full living room set. Go Coupon hunting on the site for extra savings.

How can they offer such unbelievable pricing? Well, it’s because they only deal with the manufacturers.

Doing Business Directly With the Manufacturers

This means they can leave all third parties out of the mix to get the furniture to you.

There are no warehousing fees, delivery people, salespeople, and other overhead expenses hidden in the furniture costs. Instead, 1Stop passes the savings they receive on to you, and that includes free shipping on all orders.

Paying for the full living room set upfront can be a costly expense. But you can take advantage of up to thirty-six months of financing and make low monthly payments.

So, now that we know you can afford a new living room set, it’s time to begin customizing a set to fit your needs.

First, you want to take measurements to know just what will fit comfortably in the room. Draw a floor layout and arrange the furniture as you envisioned.

If any changes are to be made that allow for a better flow of movement around the room, you can reposition the items for an ideal fit.

When laying out your plan, you want to start with the focal point of the room. If the main purpose is for media entertainment, figure out where the tv will go. Once you have that down, now it’s time to arrange the seating.

Sofas Are Typically the Most Used Pieces of Furniture in the Room

So they should be comfortable and aligned with your lifestyle. For instance, genuine leather is thick enough to resist claw punctures and easy to clean if you have pets.

If you have children prone to spilling all kinds of substances, you should stay away from light-colored sofas. Or, you can try microfiber, another easy-to-clean option.

Additional seating can be arranged around the tv to complete the seating design. There are plenty of loveseats and half chairs from which to choose. Ottomans are another option that can add seating and storage.

Rugs are accents that can ground the area and set it apart from the rest of the home, especially when you have an open layout. The rug should be big enough to fit all the furniture; if not, the room can feel disconnected.

Play around with different rug textures and patterns. A plush rug adds coziness to the room, and the right pattern can add depth to the design.

Colors and Lighting Are Other Areas You Want to Get Right

Typically, you should go for three types of lighting: accent, ambient, and task. The right mix of floor and table lamps can give your space the right mood for the activities.

When you’re watching movies, ambient lighting will provide just enough light to focus your attention on the tv. If you’re reading, task lighting near your seat will focus on illuminating that area for comfortable perusing.

A Color Palette Will Help Keep You Focused on Pieces That Give the Space the Cohesiveness You Desire

Lighting also plays a part in how the colors appear in the space, so keep that in mind as you look through different prints and patterns.

The style of furniture you choose will determine the personality of the living room. Classic or traditional sets will give the room a formal feel, while casual pieces will project a more relaxed vibe.

If you’re unsure which works best, one of the expert staff designers can assist you.

Buying a living room set can be a creative, fun experience when shopping with 1Stop.


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