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Scaling Up: Boosting the Performance of Your Sales Team

Scaling up as a startup isn’t without its challenges. In fact, there will be a stream of new challenges to face and problems to solve as you start growing at a faster pace. The faster you grow, the more complex your problems will be.

Growing the sales team is one of the big challenges to overcome. In startups, the sales team usually have higher turnover. On top of that, finding suitable people to fill strategic positions in the sales team isn’t always easy.

So, how you can boost the performance of your sales team to stimulate growth for the rest of the organization? There are actually a few tactics you can use, and we are going to review them in this article.

Start Automating

This is perhaps a tip that you have heard before. Automating is a startup’s most powerful weapon indeed. However, the importance of automating sales-related tasks cannot be stressed enough, especially the repetitive ones. There is a good reason for that elevated importance too.

The sales team can be more effective when they are focused entirely on the customers. Everyday tasks such as creating project cards on the Kanban board and synchronizing contacts across CRM solutions are more of a distraction. By automating these mundane tasks, you gain a substantial boost in performance without expanding the team. Add the fact that sales task automation is easy, and we have a winner.

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Tools like PieSync certainly make automating key sales tasks easy. In the case of PieSync, the tool is specifically designed for intelligent synchronization of information across multiple platforms. HubSpot Intercom integration becomes seamless; integration of other platforms is just as easy.

Stay Targeted

I know how tempting it is to seize every opportunity that comes your way, but that’s not how you grow in a sustainable way as a startup. Seizing every opportunity will only lead to backlogs, inefficiency, and quality downgrades, especially when the sudden spike in customer requests isn’t managed properly.

What you want to do instead is approach one specific target at a time. For example, you can focus on an industry or a particular market segment whose requirements can be met by your products and services perfectly.

This type of focus is good for long-term growth. Since you are focusing on a particular industry while delivering superb products and services, there will be more clients that promote you as a reliable supplier or vendor.

Optimize Your Team

Just because you can boost the performance of your sales team using other means, doesn’t mean you don’t need to grow the team itself. Hiring is still a necessity, albeit not the only way you can scale up. Another thing to add to your list of priorities is employee development, specifically the development of your sales team.

Combined, these tactics will help you scale up the sales team in terms of performance rather than just sheer size. Every new team member will bring so much more to the table when the existing sales team is already highly optimized for maximum performance. Scaling up in a sustainable way is the outcome of these optimizations.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.