Scan Recipes: A Must Have App for All Cooking & Baking Lovers!

Cooking is fun whether you’re using a popular recipe of a great chef or creating something of your own. But, it may not be a pleasant experience at times, when you’re not sure what to cook!

In fact, stay at home mommies find it more difficult to set “today’s menu” than cooking itself! It’s also not so pleasant time when you want to cook something delicious, but you find yourself short of ingredients.

Well, the pain should be over now, as Scan Recipes has the solution. The mobile that allows you to find new recipes that can be made, using a list of ingredients that you currently have. All you need to do is to populate your list manually or by scanning a barcode of an ingredient.

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Discover new recipes that can be made with the ingredients that you currently have, cook something awesome, save the recipes for later use or share them with friends and family in an easier way!

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You can also categorize the recipes as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack etc. It’s also a good way to keep track of all your ingredients, because at times, some ingredients remain unused for longer and you find that they just passed the expiry date.

Use Scan Recipes, make better use of all your ingredients, save money and make cooking and baking an ongoing fun!

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Scan Recipes in Their Own Words:

Scan Recipes is a mobile app that allows users to either scan barcodes of an ingredient, or enter it manually to populate a list. They can use that list to keep track of ingredients they have, find new recipes they can make with ingredients they currently have, and save their favorite ones. They are also able to share any recipes they want to, with friends and family in a number of different ways. It makes finding new recipes even easier.


What Brings Scan Recipes to the Spotlight:

It lets you make better use of all the ingredients, find awesome recipes and save money!


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