Scrape all the Roughness Away with MiScraper

It is no less than a challenge to remove hard sticky moulds on hard surfaces like glass, furniture, marble or vinyl flooring. Everything looks good smooth and shiny, but the regular scrappers with sharp metal edges don’t work for all kind of surfaces and are a safety hazard.

MiScraper has revolutionized the way scrapers looked and worked in the past. MiScrappers are offering first of their kind scrappers with retractable blades, which are available in numerous color ranges.

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The outstanding feature of MiScraper is its safety design currently not found on any other scrapper in the market. It is a light weight, durable and easy to carry, which works with accuracy on all surfaces.

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MiScraper scraps off paint, caulk, silicon, sticker, glue, window tint. It can be brought in to usage at construction sites, home, offices and industrial units. The easy to use design of the MiScrapper consists of a button which on pushing forward using thumb, pushes forward the blade from the nose of scrapper. If the button is pushed all the way forward, the blades slides out through the opening on the side. Hence blades can be changed.

MiScraper along with metal blades offers the MiScraper Lite plastic blade with great scraping strength. Plastic blades can be used to scrape off delicate surfaces. MiScraper is a must have tool which everyone needs and must get.

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MiScraper in their Own Words:

MiScraper is a safer universal scraping tool that combines industrial strength in a compact form. Use this product at home, office, and on the job for scraping glue, paint, stain, and other things off from hard surfaces such as glass.


What Brings MiScraper to Spotlight:

It is a safe, durable and easy to carry scraper that you would love to use. It comes with a metal and a plastic blade and can be used on any type of hard or delicate surface.


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