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Although developers are more concerned about keeping the code DRY (Don’t repeat yourself), reusable code can be very handy and time saving in many situations. Especially for startups, when they are already on tight budget and need to change or add features on short notice, reusable code is a life saver for a startup.

Since not all startups can spend huge money on building high quality software, they look for various open source and third party services for faster development. They may still need to write their own solution at some point but starting with a ready made solution accelerates the development process and you get more time to validate the product idea and features.

If you want to save time and money, must check Searchcode server; a free source code and documentation search engine. Searchcode server indexes API documentation, code snippets and open source (free software) repositories and present them in a way that you won’t need to click through. Yes, you can click through if you want to!

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Startups that optimize the speed of development are more likely to grow faster, because they use the time on product validation and market penetration that they would have spent on writing code otherwise.

On the other hand, businesses that make huge investment on quality code can never have a better ROI if there’s nothing to learn from it. If your business has made one such investment, you can always use Searchcode server to find that code easily and recoup your investment.

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With Searchcode server, you can allow teams to find code and share ideas easily, help developers find examples of how to use internal libraries and frameworks, and identify copy pasted code and help improve quality!

Searchcode server is not a SAAS product or a cloud product; so your data security is confirmed. Just download and install it on your own server. It doesn’t need any external products or tools other than the Java Runtime Environment and most important of all, it maintains itself!

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Do give it a try and your life will be easier than before!

Searchcode is currently the work of a single developer and we wish him a great success with this venture!

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Searchcode Server in Their Own Words:

Searchcode server works in tandem with your source control system, indexing thousands of repositories and files allowing developers to quickly find and reuse code across teams. Many organizations have an existing investment in code but are unable to leverage their investment. Searchcode server solves this by allowing developers to find this code and learn from and reuse it.


What Brings Searchcode Server to the Spotlight:

It helps novice developers as well as pros to optimize the development time while saving costs!


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