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How Businesses Use This Secret Weapon For Branding & Promotions

That one thing we all mostly wear when we feel just lazy. That garment that we wear when just lounging around and about. That piece of clothing that thousands of businesses now see as a powerful tool for branding and promotions?!! Hoodies.

Who would’ve thought, right?

So how exactly does hoodies come into branding you ask? To get that answer, let’s look at the most basic need of a business to grow.


To get more sales, the business will need an audience. To get that audience, the business will have to build them. The audience thus will need to remember the brand next time they need something the brand offers.

Impression, both literally and technically, is where all of this is pointing to. Of course, there are many essentials to branding. But apparel like hoodies deliver better impressions and higher brand recall. 

According to ASI, apparel items used for promotions deliver the highest brand recall, as 85% of recipients recall the brand that gave them a t-shirt, a hoodie, or a hat.

Now, let’s peel back the hood and take a look at how businesses have embraced hoodies as part of their marketing strategies.

Company Swag

First, we have to understand the efficacy of swag – you know, those freebie promotional items like pens, USB drives, and cheap tote bags that businesses give out. They seem insignificant, but they can work wonders. 

When someone is using or wearing a branded item, they become an advertisement for that brand. It’s a win-win for the brand as well as the recipient.

Hoodies take it to the next level. Unlike a pen that might get tossed in a drawer, a comfortable hoodie will get worn regularly. Every time someone dons that customized hoodie while going out to run an errand or chilling with their gang, the brand is getting a zippered, mobile billboard.

Big brands like Nike and Adidas knew this long ago. They turned their hoodies and tracksuits into coveted fashion statements that people proudly wear. But any business can tap into the branding magic of custom hoodies.

Standing Out at Events

Custom hoodies are also a great way for companies to create a unified look for events. Having all your staff in matching hoodies makes them easier to identify. And it presents a coordinated, professional feel for your business. No more awkward suits or out-of-place cocktail dresses at that big conference or trade show.

For consumers, having that branded hoodie is a badge of honor that shows they belonged at your special event. They’ll proudly wear that hoodie out in the real world, and might even become advocates of your brand if they like how things are going.

Expanding Your Reach

The diversity of hoodies allows businesses to reach wider audiences. While t-shirts and polos have a casual vibe, hoodies provide a full spectrum—from laid-back and sporty to elevated and high-end styles. Hoodies let you cast a wider net. The hoodie’s flexibility brings together demographics that a rigid promotional item couldn’t. But age remains a factor to consider. Not all ages prefer hoodies, but they will definitely appreciate its value as long as the quality isn’t anything to scoff at.

Try checking out Port & Company hoodies or Sport-Tek hoodies. These brands offer great quality without compromising on affordability. This means, you can purchase good quality blank hoodies in bulk from a wholesale distributor at cheap prices. The impressions you will get make the investment totally worth it.

Going Viral

Finally, we can’t ignore the potential for custom hoodies to create viral buzz. If you come up with a clever, outrageous, or hilarious hoodie design, you could catch fire on social media. People will be eager to share pics rocking your branded hoodie for the novelty factor.

Getting thousands of impressions from people across the world? That takes your business straight to the big leagues in branding.

Fostering Loyalty

Jane Doe purchased a few times from your brand. Your brand gives Jane Doe a $2 pen…so she adores your brand. Doesn’t sound right. The pen doesn’t feel meaningful. A cap delivers a bigger impression. A hoodie, even bigger by conveying “thank you for your loyalty”.

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 72 out of 100 people believe that the reputation of a brand is evident in the quality of the promotional products they receive from that brand..

It’s a gift recipients will actually appreciate and use frequently. And as a walking billboard for your business, it may even spark conversations when people ask, “Hey, where’d you get that hoodie?” Boom, free word-of-mouth promotion.

Does this mean you should give them a below-average quality hoodie? That would defeat the purpose again. After all, there are wholesale suppliers out there that offer decent quality apparel at cheap prices.

Apart from how you procure the promo hoodies, there are a few other things to keep in mind before using hoodies as company swag.

1. Ensuring Brand Signature

Now let’s talk about taking the custom hoodie to the next level. Every business wants its branded clothing to be recognizable, even without its logo visible. Sports teams achieve this with classic color schemes, like the Lakers’ purple and gold.

Your business can create signature hoodie styles that customers immediately associate with your brand. Maybe it’s a pullover hoodie in specific color blocks. Or a half-zip hoodie with unmistakable accent stripes. Quickly that hoodie style becomes part of your identity. Just seeing those colors and patterns is enough to make people think of your brand.

2. Minding The Season

Hoodies also allow creativity but the styles change with the seasons. Lighter hoodies in vibrant colors are more prominent in summer. Cozy fleece and sherpa hoodies dominate fall and winter.

Special seasonal and holiday hoodies are another great promotional tool. Custom Christmas hoodies get people excited for your holiday sales and specials. Halloween hoodies make customers feel part of the spooky spirit—green hoodies for your Irish customers before St.Patrick’s Day. There are endless possibilities.

Conclusion: Hoodies Aren’t Just for Lounging

So there you have it. The humble hoodie is oh so much more than casual clothing. It’s a powerful promotional product for branding your business. They promise impressions – impressions that could cost you considerably more if you resort to conventional marketing tactics. They help you continuously generate awareness (for many months even) and loyalty for a relatively smaller investment.

It’s time to get creative with your custom designs and take your marketing to new places. Because in the business world, hoodies mean serious business. So bring your hoodies into your hood, and spark conversations on your brand.

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