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Secure Your Home With Sentri

Home security is a hot topic of discussion these days and Sentri address all your home security concerns by providing a safe and secure system. This comprehensive security system provides you with a clear visibility and control over your home.

Through Sentri, you will be informed about what all is going at your home when you are away.


Unlike traditional security systems which are bulky, Sentri looks quite cool and appealing. You can even customize Sentri to display the information in various pre-loaded designer themes. The interface can be customized to a great extent.

Like other security systems Sentri comes with HD video camera and motion detecting senors apart from various other sensors that are there to measure various environmental factors, i.e. the temperature statistic including air quality, temperature as well as humidity levels.

Sentri is capable of acting as a centralized hub for various connected devices. You can just connect your smartphone or other devices with Sentri and operate or control this system making the smart phone experience even make pleasurable.

Sentri in their own words:  

At Sentri, we have come out with not only a robust and sound home security system that will provide  a bird eye’s view of your home but also we have laid emphasis on the design delivering an appealing product that can fit seamlessly in your home.

Why Sentri is in Spotlight: 

Sentri is a unique home security system which combines the power of home automation and home monitoring in a single device and delivers various alerts which ensures that access to your home is restricted.

Official Website:

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