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How Technology is Improving Retail Security and Lowering Theft

The holiday season is fast approaching. And despite the current health situation we’re having across the globe, more and more people during this time are still interested to visit stores to look for possible gifts and treats.

The Role of Technology in Lowering Theft and Related Crimes in Retail Stores

It is also the ideal season for shoplifters and thieves to lure their victims while everyone is busy doing their business. These destructions will take advantage of this opportunity to steal and lift from people and retail shops.

This crime may appear to be not as serious as heinous crimes, but it has a drastic impact on the economy.

In 2009, a survey revealed that an average thief steals over $400 from a shop. It’s a massive loss for a store that loses over $400 million annually. In the year 2019 alone, many retail chains and even supermarkets suffer from theft and burglary as shown in the inventory shrinkage cost of $45 billion each year.

Indeed, these organized retail crimes cripple the revenue and profit of affected stores. These crimes also affect the profitability of the establishments involved. It prevents the employees from being able to provide their usual services. Unfortunately, the effect does not end there. It also situates the employees in a more compromising position as they might experience being laid off. and make the customers feel safer.

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As a result, increasing security in retail stores is critical, especially during this holiday season. Where armed security is helpful but unnecessary, technology can step in.

Examples of Technology to Improve Security in Businesses

If you are owning or managing a retail store, regardless of its size, location, and target market, technology can help you boost its security system needs. Here are tools and systems which are also easy to navigate for your business.

Alarm Systems

Many retail stores especially those located in malls are using alarm systems to assist in ensuring that shoplifters and thieves don’t get out of the store successfully. If someone tries to enter your business through a window or door, your alarm system will sound and alert a security provider. This will deter them and prevent them from going further.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is highly necessary as a deterrent to thieves and provides a preventative measure. When there is criminal activity at your business, CCTV can help identify suspects, and this evidence can also be handed to your insurance company when you file a claim.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors placed outside your business property can spot unauthorized people during off-hours, as any movement sends an alert to your phone. If you received a notification, you can call the authorities to check about the suspicious behavior captured by the motion detector.

Security Tags

Security tags can be regarded as one of the growing security tools especially in the industry of clothing and general merchandise. With its transmitter guarded by a strong external casing, security tags are connected to the store entrance which prohibits thieves and shoplifters from stealing.

However, since it is also widely used, thieves and shoplifters have kept themselves abreast of all effective techniques on how to remove security tags. Social media sites and video blogs (vlogs) have made it easier for potential thieves to succeed in executing their theft attempts. Bootleg detachers, as it is called in the industry, is a trending eCommerce product due to the comfort it provides to shoplifters. Unfortunately, this tool infamously increases cases of merchandise theft resulting in the loss of billions in stocks annually.

Hence, this has been a pressing issue, software companies devise effective ways and tools to detest their use of bootleg detachers especially in the clothing and liquor industry.

A revolutionary security device such as those introduced by OMAC has been shown to reduce shoplifting and theft cases by 45%. With its unique and patented design, there is no bootleg detacher that can crack and easily open its security tags.

Access Control

To increase retail security by ensuring that only authorized personnel enter it, employees can be given electronic access controls in the form of key cards or key fobs. Many retail stores and even huge corporations practice this security measure.

This act also gives your employees and anyone else who has access to your company’s property a sense of responsibility in keeping the store safer and secured from intruders. They only have to carry it about like a key, and it operates by transmitting wireless communication signals to your alarm system.

Merchandise Security Devices

For those selling and retailing high-end things such as laptops, tablets, cellphones, and other such items, merchandise security systems are the ideal security device to use against theft.

Because the objects are connected to your display setup, these gadgets allow buyers to evaluate the products without the temptation of running away with them. You can select from a large range of merchandise security items that are relevant to the products you are selling.

Discuss other ways to deter would-be thieves, such as strong signage that shoplifters will be prosecuted and the shop is under constant surveillance.

Practical Measures on How to Protect Retail Shops from Theft

Aside from using technology in securing your products, there are practical and doable ways you can implement them in your retail shops. Here are some for a start.

Inform Buyers about Store Policies

Help your store visitors be informed about your store policies by placing guidelines on store premises. Set up tags or plaque cards informing them that there are security devices in the store and attempting to steal or break those will result in punishment.

Seek Assistance from your Staff

Communicate with your employees on a frequent basis about the company’s goals and how you intend to achieve them. Inquire about their suggestions for improving the business’s operations. When your employees feel appreciated and respected, they will work harder and want to assist you to achieve your goals.

Control Your Business on through your Smartphone Even Outside the Store

You can control your business at all times with smart security systems by clicking a few keys on your smartphone. You will receive quick notifications and be able to view real-time footage from your security cameras.

Invest in Business Insurance

Many insurance companies may refuse to insure you if you do not have a security system installed in your business. When an accident or crime occurs, having CCTV and an alarm system provides insurance providers with proof. When you have company security, you save money on insurance premiums in the long term.


Managing any business such as a retail store has its fair share of operational risks and threats such as thieves and shoplifters. Thus, installing technological solutions such as high-end security tags is an ideal way to face them. Investing in technology may be costly at first, but it will save you and your business thousands to millions of revenue.

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