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Why Should You Invest In Security Cameras For Your Business?

Whether you own a small business, a large business, or several physical stores, you need security cameras to keep an eye on your business 24/7. Security cameras can feed you live footage of what is happening at every corner of your business, including the garage, offices, parking lots, and other places.

In other words, they help create a safe environment for all stakeholders, boosting employee productivity and profit generation. Sounds interesting? Below is a detailed guide on why you should invest in security cameras for your business.

Crime Prevention

One of the leading reasons you should install security cameras in your business is to prevent crime. Talking of crime, we refer to external crime from burglary and internal crime from business employees.

Recent research shows that burglars are three times more likely to invade properties without a security system than ones with a security system.

Another source indicates that 30% of business failures are due to employees’ dishonest acts like stealing. Installing security cameras in your business will reduce external and internal crime by more than 50%.

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Boost Employee Productivity

Employee supervision is one of the effective ways of ensuring they stick and delivers on their roles. As a business owner, you don’t need to always be there to supervise your employees when surveillance cameras can do the job for you. Installing the cameras will initiate a feeling that you are always on watch among their employees, forcing them to stay focused on their roles.

In addition, the cameras will feed you valuable information about the most hardworking, disruptive, and crafty employees in your team. This information will be very beneficial when evaluating your workforce to make necessary changes.

Note: Some security cameras may give blurred images, making it hard to differentiate your employees or burglars in the footage. For best results, you should invest in a quality security camera like Meraki MV12, an indoor camera that can give you precise images of the happenings in your business via a phone or desktop app.

Improves Safety In The Workplace

Employee injuries on the working site can tremendously impact your business. For instance, if one of your employees gets injured in the course of their job, your business productivity will decline due to reduced labor input. Additionally, you may have to spend considerable business revenue on their treatment and compensation.

By installing security cameras in your business, you can identify potential hazards like poorly arranged shelves, loose light fixtures, electrical hazards, fire hazards, chemical leakages, etc., to correct them before they hurt your employees.

The cameras will also capture employees who are not compliant with your business’s safety code, saving you from multiple compensation claims and related costs.

And, in the case of any accident, the security cameras will capture the full scene. Later, you can use this footage to train your employees on the causes of the accident and how to avoid it.

Cuts Down The Cost Of Insurance

Installing quality surveillance cameras assures your insurance provider that you are doing your best to secure your business from theft.

On top of that, the security cameras make it easy for your insurer to investigate the cause of an insured risk in the event it occurs. This convenience may motivate your insurer to lower their premiums as your business is less of a liability to them.

Monitors Customer Transactions And Consumption Habits

Another reason you should install security cameras is to record customer transactions for reference.

Suppose you sold an expensive household item, and the customer returns the product later in the day, claiming they bought the wrong item due to misinformation. If that customer doesn’t have a receipt, camera footage can help confirm the transaction’s legibility.

If you operate a retail store, security cameras can feed valuable insights about the customer influx into your business and their consumption habits, helping you appropriately meet their needs.

For instance, video footage of the customer’s vehicles on the packing lot can give insights into how to redesign it to accommodate more vehicles.

On the other hand, camera footage of customers’ shopping habits can help you identify the most selling items to stock them sufficiently on the shelves. This can trigger an upward shift in sales revenue.

Helps To Avoid Unnecessary Lawsuits

Some crafty employees in your business can file a compensation claim against your company for an injury that never occurred. Security cameras capture all types of happenings in your business, offering sufficient evidence to disqualify such claims.

And if it is true that they got an onsite injury, the camera footage would also prove whether the plaintiff’s injury was related to their line of job or they voluntarily caused the injury.

Cuts Down Operating Costs

Installing security cameras means you won’t need to hire supervisors to manage other employees. Also, you will need little or no security personnel to guard your business assets. That means you’ll end up making more profits given the reduced costs.

Avoids Operational Disruption

Investing in security cameras would cut crime, deter shoplifting and encourage employees to focus on their roles resulting in seamless business operations.

In other words, you will have little or no criminal cases, or business cases to deal with. Consequently, you will waste little or no time reporting the matter to the police or following compensation from your insurer. The business will flow smoothly.

Final Words

As you can see, security cameras can give you peace of mind to run the business. For best results, you have to go for a high-quality security camera like Meraki MV12, with features like high definition camera with high resolution, facial recognition, cloud storage mobile support, motion sensor, and Wi-Fi support, among others to get the best results.

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