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How To Increase The Security In Your Store

While operating your own business has its perks, you are faced with challenges surrounding business security as a small business owner.

How To Increase the Security in Your Store

More than ever, securing your brick-and-mortar business or retail store is essential for protecting your investment and the safety of you and your staff.

Let’s take a look at the importance of securing your business property with the help of advanced security systems.

Tips To Secure Your Store

When it comes to keeping your business property safe, more security is better than less. Despite having insurance coverage, losing valuable documents, money, and damage to your property can cost your business thousands of dollars.

Security system benefits your business because it keeps everything safe and gives you peace of mind. The following are four tips on how to secure your store during off-hours and the holidays.

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Lock and Secure All Windows and Doors

 Train your staff to check that windows have been closed and all doors are locked properly before locking up and going home.

And don’t forget to check the bathroom window (if your business property has one), as some burglars can sneak their way in through a small single window, hide in a stall, and wait for the staff to go home. Also, consider investing in the best door hardware.

 Purchase a Safe

 If you keep cash or important valuables on your premises, it’s best to purchase a safe or vault with a combination instead of a key. Burglars can break a safe with a key, but it takes too much time to fiddle with a locker with a combination.

 Install a Security System

All business properties should install a security system because, in case of a break-in, the CCTV surveillance cameras record the action and are reviewed by police when they investigate.

Hire a Security Guard

 If your company is located in a high-traffic area with an increase in thefts and crime, hiring a security guard automatically deters potential thieves from breaking into your business.

Types of Security Systems for Business

Depending on the size of your business property, there are a variety of security systems that can accommodate your business’s needs. Here are the most common security systems every company should have installed.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is important as it acts as a preventative measure and scares off burglars.

If your business premise does experience criminal activity, CCTV helps identify suspects, and this evidence is handed over to your insurance company when you file a claim.

 Motion Detectors

 Having motion detectors placed outside your business property can catch unwanted visitors during off-hours, as any kind of movement sends an alert to your phone. If you get attention, you can call the police to check on the suspicious activity.

 Alarm Systems

 If general intruders get through a door or window on your business property, your alarm system will go off and deter them from proceeding further.

Your alarm system alerts your security provider’s monitoring center, and someone from your security provider will come and check on your business.

 Access Control

Electronic access controls can be given to your employees in the form of key cards or key fobs. Fobs are convenient for employees and any other individuals who are allowed on your business property.

All they have to do is carry it around like a key, and it works by sending wireless communication signals to your alarm system.

How Security Systems Help Protect Your Store

A brick-and-mortar business or retail store should always be protected during off-hours. Take a look at the security system benefits that ensure your business is safe and secure.

Monitor Your Employees and Customers 24/7

A security system ensures the safety of your staff. On the other hand, your security system monitors your employees and customers at all times and reduces employee theft and shoplifting.

Helps Prevent Burglaries and Other Crimes

Having a brick-and-mortar business located in a part of the city known to have a high crime rate should be taken seriously. Having a reliable security system discourages thieves from breaking.

 Reduce Fire Damage With an Alarm System

Fires cause thousands of dollars in damages. If a fire should break out, your alarm system notifies your provider, and they can deploy the fire department right away.

 Remotely Control Your Business on Your Smartphone

With smart security systems, you have control of your business at all times by pressing a few buttons on your smartphone. You get instant alerts and can view real-time footage from your security cameras.

Save on Business Insurance

If you don’t have a security system installed in your business, many insurance companies won’t insure you.

Having CCTV and an alarm system provides insurance companies proof when an accident or crime occurs. In the long run, you save money on insurance premiums when you have a business security system.

Make Your Store Safer With Business Security

Now that you know the importance of protecting your business property and staff, here is a recap of the benefits of having a security system installed in your store:

  • Reduce the risk of losses and damages caused to the business
  • Your business property is monitored 24/7 with security alarm systems
  • Any suspicious activity triggers a quick response from your security alarm
  • Provides safety of staff, customers, and interior and exterior of your business property
  • It gives you a sense of security when you’re away or when your business is closed


As business owners, we should have these guidelines in order to have a smooth sailing transaction with our clients.

It would give us peace of mind if we have security measures to follow and would eventually lead to more business opportunities.


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