Seed Sumo; a Bootcamp for Startups to Grow Faster

Thousands of startups die right after they are born and the reasons are very common. Some entrepreneurs do not validate their business idea, others do not plan properly, have poor management, insufficient capital, and above all they do not have the vision to grow in the right direction.

A startup can meet all other challenges in one way or other, but you cannot simply step ahead if you’re not focused on growth in the right direction!

Seed Sumo offers a complete startup growth package for 6 awesome startups out of over a thousand applicants from around the world. It’s not just the capital they invest, but provide you with best mentors and targeted customers too.

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50k is for a small % in the accelerator and up to 400k is available from Sumo Fund if your startup meets certain milestones. You can have direct access to strategists, consultants, and business owners who have hands on experience of starting and scaling businesses.

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And above all; knowing the fact that how difficult is it to get the first 1,000 customers, Seed Sumo platform helps you find them too using their network.

Overall, it’s a great platform for startups and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch and scale the next big thing. However, you must compete hard for it!

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Seed Sumo in Their Own Words:

Seed Sumo invests $50k to $400k into 6 startups out of over a thousand applicants from around the world. The program is heavily focused on operations and weekly growth hacking sprints. Once accepted, the teams move to Texas for 90 days where they work with a fully-staffed team and founders that have grown real businesses with hundreds of millions in revenue.

9 out of 10 startups fail because they focus on the wrong things at the wrong time. They also don’t focus enough on growth. Seed Sumo covers their blind spots and increases their chance of success during this early, but vital period.


What Brings Seed Sumo to the Spotlight:

It is encouraging and promoting startups in most competitive way!


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