SeeSpace InAiR – Enjoy The Augmented TV Experience

Television and internet are among the two most important tools of media in the modern era. Both of these mediums hold a large potential for marketing any new startup, however combining these two, SeeSpace InAiR has created an even bigger platform that will provide a flawless viewing interface that will allow a user to do multiple things.

Various studies reveal that a good percentage of viewers’s attention is lost while flipping screen on the television. However, SeeSpace InAiR is a device that provides a smart way to manage the media thereby allowing the user to take full control of what he or she is viewing and combines it seamlessly with the free flow of internet content.

It layers the real-time, on-demand web and social media content directly to the TV.

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SeeSpace InAiR in their own words:

We are the pioneers of a totally new, immerse and interactive entertainment which was never heard off. Our product is designed to give you  single, streamlined viewing interface that will revolutionize this industry.

Why SeeSpace InAiR is in spotlight?  

It layers real-time, on-demand web and social media content directly in front of your television screen for a streamlined, integrated, interactive viewing experience.

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