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How to Sell Clothes Online and Make Money

Fast fashion is dead, and secondhand clothing is in! Trends predict that by 2030, the resale fashion market will be double that of fast fashion.

More and more people enjoy the sustainability and the thrill of thrift shopping. Shopping secondhand no longer means you can’t afford popular brands. It actually means you’re resourceful enough to find unique pieces at low prices.

So what better time than now to learn how to sell clothes online? Here’s everything you need to know about the process!

Benefits of Selling Clothes Online

Shopping for secondhand clothing is exciting, but selling it is even better! You’ll encounter several benefits when you sell used clothing online.


Of course, the number one benefit is reducing landfill waste. An astounding 85 percent of our clothes end up in landfills! Even those who recycle clothing do so in vain as 60% of modern textiles aren’t recyclable.

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Instead of tossing out the pieces you never wear, give them a second life in someone else’s closet. Every single item you sell means less waste in our landfills.


An excellent benefit to selling your clothes online is making a profit! The amount you make depends on:

  • Number of pieces sold
  • Quality of each piece
  • If it’s in style or a hot trend
  • Your selling skills

Regardless, even making a few dollars is better than nothing! And many people even manage to turn this into a profitable side hustle or full-time job. Just take a look at the infamous Sophia Amoruso and her million-dollar eBay start-up, Nasty Gal.


Remember when Marie Kondo encouraged everyone to toss out whatever didn’t spark joy? That was a little over the top, but decluttering is an essential process.

Fewer options taking up space in your closet means less stress in the mornings. You don’t have to go as far as developing a capsule wardrobe but streamlining your hangers is a great start. A massive closet cleanout is the best way to sell clothes online!

Tips on How to Sell Clothes Online

Humans are visual creatures, especially when online shopping. We heavily rely on visuals since we can’t touch the material or try the item. To be a successful clothing reseller, you need to learn how to play the resale game!

Prep the Items

Gather your pile of clothing and sort through them. Heavily damaged or used pieces shouldn’t get the green light. Wash, sanitize, and iron each item to ensure the buyer receives it in perfect condition.

Amp Up Your Photography Skills

It’s now time for the most crucial element, the photographs. You can get creative with this, but it’s best to keep it simple when starting out.

Always photograph each piece individually. Hang it against a neutral background or spread it on a clean surface. A great tip to keep in mind is to use a wooden hanger because plastic or metal can look tacky.

Make sure you take several shots so that the buyer has a lot of information to sway their decision. Front, back, side, and close-up pictures are vital. Snap a photo of the tag as well, especially if it’s a designer item.

Become a Creative Writer

Next, you’ll need to craft the perfect description. Include value-added statements, every detail, and personal experiences.

A bad example would be, “American Eagle jeans, size 8.” Instead, try to capture the buyer’s interest with more information. A good example might sound like, “The comfiest American Eagle black skinny jeans, size 8. These have traveled the world from Paris to Bangkok and now they’re ready to come home with you!”

Learn the Process

Depending on the website you’ll use, there’s a range of fees and shipping options you need to consider. Study the whole process and compare each site. You’ll want to find the lowest fees and the most varied shipping options to cut down on expenses.

The Best Places to Sell Your Clothes Online

With the growing popularity of resale, there are countless options to sell clothes online. Some are specific to designer brands, others are open to everyone. Whatever your niche, you’ll find a place for your clothing!

Easy and Fast: Thredup, Posh Mark, or Depop

Beginners in the resale world should look at whether they would sell on Poshmark, Thredup, and Depop. These websites are straightforward to set up and use. They also have large customer bases and protection for the seller.

The downsides are higher fees (Poshmark takes 20 percent!) and low profits unless you’re selling a lot! Popular sellers tend to be YouTubers or influencers with a large following. But even if you don’t have a million subscribers, these sites are a great way to test the waters!

Big Profit Potential: Amazon

Did you know that as of 2020, an estimated 35 percent of all clothing sold online is purchased through Amazon? You need to explore this option if you want to take your clothing resale from a fun hobby to a profitable business.

But with thousands of sellers vying for attention, Amazon can seem intimidating. The key is to develop an excellent marketing strategy for your business. Learn more about the process and set yourself apart from the competition!

Sell Locally: Facebook Marketplace or VarageSale

If you’d rather handle sales in person, you can sell locally. The benefits include saving on shipping costs and marketplace fees. Local sales can mean selling in smaller quantities and at a leisurely pace.

But do keep in mind that meeting people can be more time-consuming. You’ll also have a much smaller customer base so profits may not be as high as you’d like.

Designer Brands: LePrix Or the Real Real

Do you have some Chanel, Prada, or Celine sitting in your closet? Head to a luxury resale website like LePrix or The Real Real. Buyers on these marketplaces are willing to spend more money on high-end brands.

One thing to consider is that sites like LePrix have an authentication step before you can list certain items. This might slow down your selling process, but it will also bring in reputable buyers.

Start Selling and Earning Today!

If you’ve been wondering how to sell clothes online, stop thinking and start doing! There’s almost no risk, but a great number of benefits.

Plus, you might just find a hobby you love enough to turn into a full-time job. You’ll also be helping the environment, organizing your space, and making a few dollars (or few thousand!).

For more great start-up and business ideas, head over to the blog.


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