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9 Tips to Quickly Sell Your Commercial Property

Selling commercial property can be a challenging and time-consuming pursuit. However, there are some measures you can take to make things more manageable.

9 Tips to Quickly Sell Your Commercial Property

Here are nine tips on how to quickly sell your commercial property:

Keep an eye on the market to stay up-to-date with trends, such as interest rates and supply vs. demand in your area. Researching similar properties in the area will give you an idea of your property’s value. The more you know about what other people are selling, commercial and residential properties, the better your strategy will be to sell yours.

Understand the Market Value of Your Commercial Property.

Determining the type of buyer you want to attract will help you develop a strategy that will attract this type of buyer. If you are looking for the highest retail price possible, marketing your commercial property to developers may be the best strategy.

If you are looking for a quick sale and want to sell your property in a short amount of time, choose a firm that will list it at a pre-negotiated price or one that has a lot of buyer activity.

The greater the number of potential buyers interested in your commercial property, the more likely you will get a quick sale.

Make Sure Your Commercial Property Is Well-Maintained and Appealing Before Putting It up for Sale.

Prepare the property in the best condition possible. The first impression always matters! If buyers do not like what they see when they visit your commercial property, then chances are they will walk away even with a low asking price tag attached.

Most potential buyers are looking for “turn-key” businesses that they do not have to spend time or money on when buying them.

If most of your business assets, such as furniture, fixtures, equipment, and vehicles are included in the sale, it will be easier for potential buyers because there will be less renovation required before opening their doors to customers.

You can also conduct small renovations before selling so that it looks fresh and inviting.

List Your Commercial Property on Different Channels.

Commercial property owners can use a wide variety of online tools to sell their buildings. You can list out the property on websites such as Craigslist, or you can also opt for more specialized websites like a powerful and easy-to-use FSBO tool to list commercial property for sale.

Listing out your commercial property online will make it visible to a bigger audience actively looking for properties around your area.

Make use of different social media platforms. Posting a picture of your commercial property along with its description can help drive traffic towards it, especially if the post has been shared by other users who may be interested in it.

To help buyers find your property, you can create a “virtual tour” using online software to showcase your asset and the surrounding area on video. Upload it to popular sites like YouTube and Facebook.

You can also opt for more traditional ways, such as placing ads in local newspapers, magazines, or even on the business cards you hand out to target customers.

Regardless of the selling method used, one important thing is that sellers should act fast because there’s no shortage of commercial real estate buyers out there.

Your Adverts Should Provide Hard Facts and Figures About Your Property.

When listing your property for sale, including photos of the interior and exterior of the property. Specific details about the interior, such as how many bathrooms or parking spaces are available in your building, will help paint a clearer picture for buyers.

Use bullet points rather than long paragraphs. It’s easier for buyers to decide quickly if all the relevant information is provided in a more comprehensible manner. Don’t forget to attach documents (photos and floor plans) to emails.

Point Out the Commercial Property’s Unique Features.

A feature could be anything from a cozy fireplace in the lobby to a fully equipped kitchen that’s ideal for starting new businesses. A unique feature will help attract more buyers, especially those looking for something different.

Never Forget to Provide the Correct Contact Information.

Provide contact details in the advertisement. This gives potential buyers peace of mind knowing that they can talk directly with you if need be.

Remember, you are likely to receive hundreds of inquiries, so even giving out basic contact info like hours when you will be available by phone can go a long way towards communicating effectively.

Be Responsive.

Be prepared and respond quickly to inquiries from potential buyers – no matter what time of day or night. Keep track of all communication with potential sellers by saving their details and email addresses for future correspondence. Doing this will help keep the process running smoothly.

Hire a Real Estate Agent.

Choosing a right estate agent

to help you sell your commercial property can give it more exposure than if you were to try selling it on your own.

Agents are trained in what potential buyers look for and how to go about the sale, so let them handle the offers while you sit back is also a good idea.

The realtor can use their experience and knowledge to provide expert advice on how best to sell the commercial property.

The agent will also help you avoid pricing the property too high or below its fair market value by analyzing recent sales data in the industry.


When selling a commercial property, always remember that honesty is the best policy because you never know who the buyer could be and what they might do with your building if you mislead them.

Selling your property is a big decision. It can be tricky and daunting to sell commercial property and get the best deal out of it. I hope these tips will make the process easier for you.


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