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Send Confidential Information Over IM Secretly with KIBO

Though the lock screen option ensures most of the privacy on your cell phone, there are times when you have to answer a call or an SMS while being in a gathering.

As a matter of urgency, you cannot just avoid the prying eyes on your phone while texting, and it may have some serious outcome if the message contains some confidential information.

Having a smart app like KIBO can save you from all possible sufferings. All you need to do is to download the free app and secure all your secret conversations on all IM platforms that you are using on your cell phone.

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It’s simple; type a message in any IM using the KIBO keyboard, and then tap ‘Lock’ button, and your message is replaced with a random innocent-looking phrase. You can send the message by tapping “send” and the receiver will receive actual message. To read a hidden message, simply copy it to the system clipboard.

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KIBO supports all popular IM services: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, VK, Hangouts, WeChat, Talk, Telegram, Line and others.

It’s not just the ideal solution for texting in public, but also works great if your phone gets into wrong hands for any reason.

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KIBO in Their Own Words:

Now, you can feel like a hero of a spy movie and save youк personal secrets with Kibo. Kibo app hides confidential information from third parties or other unwanted eyes. Mobile application protects confidential correspondence and masks a secret text messages through your favorite messengers.

Kibo adds a hidden text behind normal messaging. The text is visible only to the sender and the recipient. One way to think about it is an iceberg – only a small part is visible with a naked eye, but something else exists below the surface. Hidden messages are encoded on delivery. So, the capture threat is eliminated.

What Brings KIBO to the Spotlight:

It keeps your secrets private.

KIBO Website :

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