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Tips to Send & Receive Money Using Payoneer

The advent of digitalization has made our world a smaller place. We can now bask in the beauty of the Alps sitting in the comfort of our drawing room with VR glasses. Similarly, massive strides have been made in the department of making remittances.

Earlier, it used to take days for sending money especially when the sender and receiver were positioned at two separate ends of the globe. Payment portals like Payoneer have brought about a tectonic shift in this age-old mechanism to allow retailers to target foreign clients and avail payments within a short period.

Limiting yourself to a local bank account means that you will miss out on all the opportunities these cost-effective options bring to the table. Today we are going to take a look at a few tips you need to consider before sending and receiving your money using online platforms like Payoneer:

While Making a Payment, We All Wish to Spend as Little as Possible.

That’s why it becomes imperative to have a clear idea of the currency conversion charges alongside the basic cost of receiving and sending payments.

Payoneer Allows Users to Receive Payments Readily From More Than 2000 Marketplaces and Businesses Around the Globe.

Thus, it becomes necessary to gauge your specific requirements in advance. Payoneer also makes it possible to send payments to a supplier, team member, or contractor even when they do not have a Payoneer account.

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Its Global Payment Service makes the payment process as seamless as working with your local bank account. The enterprise account of Payoneer is extremely helpful for users who send money to a large number of people repeatedly.

This can be availed to fund the payments made to recipients spread around 200 plus countries. Cash can be exchanged into more than 150 currencies offering a higher level of flexibility for working with professionals on a global scale.

When It Comes to Sending or Receiving Payments, We Are Always in a Hurry.

No one has the time to wait days for the fund to get credited to or debited from their account. Thus, while availing of the services of Payoneer, you need to determine in advance the exact time that is going to be required for the fund transfer to complete.

Safety Becomes a Big Consideration While Sending and Receiving Money Using Payoneer.

You can keep your account information secure by regularly changing your passwords and never sharing sensitive credentials with anyone else. All money transfers should ideally be initiated from your office your home network.

You should also refrain from posting images and similar details of your credit card on social media channels.


Payoneer USA is a trustworthy platform employing secure encryption metrics for guaranteeing its customers complete peace of mind. You can add to the safety threshold by refraining from clicking on phishing emails and keeping a careful watch on your account balance.

Since the Payoneer account will be accessed from devices like your mobile, tablet, laptop, etc., you need to look after the safety of the same and change the PIN now and then.


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.