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How Much Does an SEO Agency Charge?

SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing skill where a product is ranked high on a search engine
in the organic listings.

How Much Does an SEO Agency Charge?

For any business or operation to thrive in this day and age, it needs to get
exposure. SEO offers that exposure.

There are different kinds of platforms and organizations that offer this service. There are freelancers,
consultants, and SEO agencies. SEO agencies’ prices can be pricier than consultants and freelancers.

This is because an SEO agency is a team of experts working to improve the ranking of service or product and
the efficiency of delivery for clients. SEO agencies are better suited to promote services or products for
large firms and organizations.

Average Price an SEO Agency Can Charge

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective and important methods in digital marketing.
Several campaigns offer this service. Given how vast the competition and the service are, it is difficult to
predict or pinpoint one particular price.

The price of most SEO projects can range from 400 dollars a month to 10,000 dollars a month. The
average cost of an SEO project an agency charges per hour can range from 100 dollars to 250 dollars.

The pricing depends on the level of service offered and other variables. If you have a small business with
a small website, then you will more likely pay less than an established e-commerce store. Most agencies
charge less for local accounts and some SEO firms may charge extra for content creation.

Factors that Determine SEO Pricing

Several variables determine the pricing of SEO projects for a firm.

The firm’s consultant or contractor’s experience plays a major role in the billing of a project. If an agency
is more experienced and has a success record, it is likely it will charge a higher price hence a higher
charge by the company.

The location of the firm and the SEO agency contributes to the pricing of SEO service. If the firm is
located in a metropolitan city like New York, it is probably going to be charged more than one located in
the countryside or away from the city.

The size of the business being serviced also affects the price of SEO service. If the business is small, it will
have a smaller website and will therefore attract less costly pricing than an older more established
larger company.

Customers’ expectations of an SEO campaign will determine the agency's decision on pricing. If a client
has high expectations and demands for his or her project, the price range will be higher.

Often, well-established SEO agency and consultants charge higher rates than their competitors. Also,
larger-scale SEO strategies are generally charged at higher rates.

SEO Pricing Models

There are several models an SEO agency could choose to use while determining the price of their

You can expect to pay as low as 500 dollars and as high as 30,000 dollars depending on the
specifications of an SEO project. Effective communication between the client and the SEO agency is
paramount in achieving both the service provider and the client’s goals.

The Monthly Rate

The monthly retainer can cost anywhere from 750 dollars to 5000 dollars, although most clients pay up
to 2000 dollars. While some firms prefer to have a fixed monthly rate for services such as SEO
copywriting, SEO content audit, link profile audit, and social media site setup, others prefer to customize
the price according to the service they are expected to provide.

The Hourly Rate

The average price of hourly consulting is 50 to 250 dollars, however, the price can range to up to 300
dollars. Small business owners who do not yet earn much from online activities opt for the hourly rate
because it is more economical.

Pricing per project

This is when the SEO agency is contracted by a client to provide a custom SEO project. This service can
range anywhere from 5000 dollars to 30,000 dollars.

What to Consider when Looking for SEO Agencies

1. The size of your business; the size of your business will largely affect the cost of the service. It is
important to check the company’s rates concerning the size of your business.
2. Record of past accounts; if the firm is reputable; it will have a string of success stories. It is
important to make sure that the firm will offer you quality service.
3. Listen to clients’ testimonies; former and current clients of the firm that you are looking to
partner with may reveal about the firm’s performance that could affect your decision to join
4. Be aware of scams and ‘one in all’ packages. Often with SEO, you will get what you paid for so
cheap firms may offer a good deal but a bad product.

Well-established SEO agencies are the path to take if you need to hire an agency for your website. With
an already established service provider, you will seldom have to worry about a sub-standard delivery.

When looking for a good SEO firm, it is important to think of how your website will be presented to the
world and carefully choose an agency that is more likely to guarantee you a good service.


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